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Gender : Male

Birthday : April 29, 1995

Occupation : Musician

Location : Buffalo, New York, United States

School : Lake Shore High School Graduate (Buffalo, New York, United States)

Smoker : No

Drinker : No

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greendaypunkrox has 4 pieces of equipment:

Epiphone: Les Paul Junior

Fender: IDK

Fender: Stratocaster

Epiphone: Les Paul Special TV Yellow

Guitar Skills
greendaypunkrox is rated as advanced + guitar player.

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Favorite bands :
Joshua Radin, Radical Face, Dashboard Confessional, Chase Coy, Green Day, Anti-Flag, Rise Against, The Menzingers, The Flatliners, Motion City Soundtrack, White Wives, Cary Brothers, Rhett Miller, Wings, The Beatles, John Lennon, Plus 44, City In Colour, Greg Laswell, Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Matt Nathanson, Peter Bradley Adams, Justin Sane, Sum 41,
Favorite guitarists :
Billie Joe Armstrong, John Lennon, Deryck Whibley,
Favorite bassists :
Mike Dirnt, Mark Hoppus, Cone Mccaslin, Paul McCartney,
Favorite books :
Favorite tv :
The X-Files, Breaking Bad, Scrubs, Wilfred, Walking Dead,
Favorite movies :
Forrest Gump, The Wedding Singer, Bullet In A Bible, Seven Pounds,
greendaypunkrox is a member of the following bands:

Lead Guitarist/Back-Up Vocals

UG Groups
Own groups: Anti-Flag or Anti-Government, Green Day Are Simply Amazing, The Official DEVO Group, Join This Group If You Play Your Guitar As Low As Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)/ Johnny Ramone (The Ramones), Every Time We See A Spider......WE RUN FOR OUR FUCKING LIVES!!!!, People Who Have A Wiener Dog (Dachshund) And Are Pretty Damn Proud, People Who Hate Preppy, Asshole, Tools Who Think They Are All Kuhl With Their Shirt Off And Their Sideways Hat, The Movie Zombieland Kicks Sooo Much Ass, You Don't Even Know, U.F.O.'s And Extraterrestrials ARE REAL GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! , As A Great Man Once Said, "Don't Be An Economic Girly Girl"- Arnold Schwarzenegger, I Found A Nose Hair :P, Tre Cool Iz The Fucking Man, Mike Dirnt Iz A Damn Good Bassist, Rest In Peace (R.I.P.) The Exploding Hearts, I Think That All The Greatest Bands Throughout History Should Reunite And Come Out With A New Albums To Change Music Back To The Way It Was Before All This Stupid Rap And Pop Shit Came In And On The Radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! , Music + ♥ = MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
Member of: the offspring fans, Punk, green day, Green Day, Green day fans Only!!! , We Let People Listen to Whatever Musical Genre They Want, Young Guitarists :), Green Day is still awesome, The Beatles, Green Day Alliance, Blink-182, The Group That Thinx The Jonas Brothers Suck And the Naked Brothers Band Sux Just as Much, The American Idiots, group made through pure boredom and stupidity lalalalalalalalalala lallalal alalalalala if ur still reading y just join the group cuz u feel like and get over with it hahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha jezuz christ r u still reading wtf i mean seriously theres, Three Days Grace fan club, If You Like GUns N Roses, Linkin Park, Velvet Revolver, or Three Days Grace, BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , Kurt Cobain, we miss you!!!, UG Punx, ANTI-PREP, The group with a really long name that's meaningless that I just made when i was bored to see if anyone would join but they probably won't cause this group sucks, Nirvana, Pete Wentz is the worst bassist out there, Green Day Are Real Punk, Green Day7550, Green Day, Best Green Day Fans Ever!!!, Green Day , green day lovers, Green Day Ultimate, Sum 41 Fans, The Clash City Rockers, Sex Pistols, For everyone who thought they could play the guitar coz of Guitar Hero, The group for all the people who can't ever put there iPod down, The Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain and there should be an investigation which leads to Love going to prison group., Angels and Airwaves, The Ramones, Kurt Cobain , Sum 41, Sum 41 Rockerz, UG GROUP WITH A VERY LONG NAME BECAUSE I SAW THAT THERE WAS A GROUP THAT HAD A PRETTY LONG NAME AND I DECIDED TO TRY AND MAKE ONE THAT HAD AN EVEN LONGER NAME SINCE IT WOULD BE KIND OF COOL TO HAVE MY OWN ULTIMATE ЦGUITAR.COM GROUP WITH ONE OF THE LONGEST, people that think that school would totally suck without friends there, just learning stuff without anyone to sit in the back of the room and pass notes to and giggle and talk and laugh with, it really would be lamer than it is now. PLEASE JOIN!!!!, I WAS REALLY BORED SO I DECIDED TO MAKE ONE OF THOSE REALLY STUPID GROUPS WITH THYE REALLY LONG NAME THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY JOIN FOR SOME STRANGE REASON I LIKE CHEESE WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS INCREDIBLY LONG NAME I STILL LIKE CHEESE I THINK I HAVE THE, Kurt Was Murdered, The really long group name that just takes up space on your Ultimate Guitar groups list so it makes it look like you have more groups then you really do but you don't because it's really just this long group name thats taking up all the space!, Addicted to music, DEATH TO THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! , people who hate pop., people who are tired of assholes treating them like shit., yay!!!!!!!!!!!!look this is my first really really really really really long long long group title although i have no idea on this group is about but i was just board at the time and if your board than you should join too cuz i dont wanna have a group wit, The Mourning Place of Kurt Cobain, The Government is our enemy!, Jimi Hendrix is Overrated, imagine peace, Synyster Gates= GuitarGod, Synyster Gates Fan Club, We love Synyster Gates, 409 In Your Coffeemaker, the people who have shitty stuff and want better stuff but there parents wont buy it and you cant affored it beacuse you dont have a job group, Let's See How Many People Can Join This Group, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh , all the sexy people for world peace, sex pistols biggest fans in the world, Anti Rap Alliance, rejects of the society, People For the Destruction of Trendy Clothes, I Can't Stand The Sound Of People Chewing, I Dare You To Step Into Someone Elses Shoes For A Day, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, Quotes , HOT GIRLS ROCK!, Epiphone Les Paul Owners Group, Music Is Like Candy, You Throw Away The Rappers, Eat. Guitar. Homework. Guitar. Sleep. Guitar., Legalize Marijuana!, Guitar Addicts Anonymous, People who procrastinate too much and don't do things meaningful and worthwhile but instead they waste their time on pointless things, Broadway Musicals, sex pistols fans, Ultimate Sex Pistols Fans!, Anti-Crocs!!!!, Random Fun Facts!, Men of UG, I just felt like making a group so i did this, there is no participatioon required but just join for the luwlz but you don't have to if you don't but you can because you don't even have to visit again just simply join just join or i'll.... FFFFFFFFFFFFFUU, i made this group because i was bored so just post random stuff here and enjoy please join cause im lonely (not really) but please join anyway =0 post here to have luwlz or i''ll..... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUU LOL ROFL LMAO BRB G2G GTFO STFU TGIF, we feel awesome and so should you!!!!!!, The People Who Hate Fall Out Boy, Self-Taught Guitarists United, Right handed Righties who play right handedly, GreenDayRockz, .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... ............... , The anti-zombie alliance, Bad Religion, Paranormal Group, The group that likes bands that work hard in a studio with their instruments, Pete Townshend fan club, The Ramones Group, The Ramones Fans, r.a.m.o.n.e.s foreverhbchnb, Death to Mainstream, I hate Bush group, bush haters, FORREST Hello. My name's Forrest Gump. He opens a box of chocolates and holds it out for the nurse. FORREST You want a chocolate? The n, We Need Money, I LOVE ACOUSTIC GUITARS!!!, the misunderstood, Froot Loop Lovers!, If i could punch you without getting in trouble trust me i would, People Who Don't Quite Understand Why Punk Bands Shout "Oi!" In Their Lyrics, But Thinks It Kicks Ass Anyway, Carnies Are Scary Group, The Only X-Files Fan Club, Down With The Radio!!!, David Bowie is a Freakin' Genious!, This ain't a fan site, it's a gosh darn hate fest!, Epiphone Player Group, no rap, Musician Group (MG), I Remember Old Nickelodeon, American Guitarists of United America, Loud and Proud Guitarists, crapppy bands but high fame makes u and me sick!!!!, punks who actually shop at hot topic sometimes, The People Who Quite Enjoy Drinking Their Tea and/or Coffee In Awesome-looking Mugs, Sense Of Humor: You Can Do It Too!, Bacon Lovers Society, Beer lovers, for the love of st. jimmy!, Stratocaster Lovers, the best group ever with you know those people on ultimate guitar you know those people you know that join this group you know and the people that you want to join if you join so yeah you know wut this groups about you know why am i saying you know a lot, i dont care if you dont like this name besause it is extrelely long so get over the fact that you will be here a long time waiting for it to end i like long names how bout you if your a hobo dont join this group if your a rocker feel free to join it and i, The 'I'm-In-A-Lot-Of-Gro ups' Group, im gonna try to beat my previous long group name so if ur bored just join the stinkin group ok?uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyy,dkmnfhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffff fff , this group has a really long name is a pointless group which no one should join because it is so gay and meaningless and serves no purpose to anything or anyone so don't join this group because it is gay, I'm justing making this group with a long name to see if people will join. How long can this go? Lets find out, Have you joined yet, better otherwise it's useless me typing all this, really it is. No Joke. So what guitars do you have, Play drums. Join now, A group for the people who are members of many, many groups, im sick of making groups that no one joins group, Oh my goawd steve irwin is in trouble so im gunna take this group and turn it into a rreally really long name because steve irwin is in trouble and we need the shark and the kitty kat to find steve irwin and save him holy crap this is taking up a lot of s, Group about whatever you want the group to be about as long as its about music, Joy Division Fan Club, Apple Lovers, Make Fap Not War, Stop Global Warming, World Trade Center Tribute, People That Are Bored and Are Going to Jpoin This Group Because IT is VEry Boring To Write In small letters I Really Am Confused This is a La°ong Name FOr A Group But Who CAres It is So Boring You Could Actually spend !5 Seconds of your life reading this , boring, UG GROUP WITH A VERY LONG NAME BECAUSE I SAW THAT THERE WAS A GROUP THAT HAD A PRETTY LONG NAME AND I DECIDED TO TRY AND MAKE ONE THAT HAD AN EVEN LONGER NAME SINCE IT WOULD BE KIND OF COOL TO HAVE MY OWN ULTIMATE ЦGUITAR.COM GROUP WITH ONE OF THE LONGEST, Epic Boring, Capitalism Sucks!, Fall Out Boy Sucks, Rap Sucks, Jonas Brother suck, Miley Cyrus Sucks A$$, The "I Hate Sweep Picking('cause I suck at it)" Club, This group is for people who likes and or loves or even hates those groups with the rediculously long names that take up a lot of space on your groups list so it makes it look like you have more groups than you do have. This group is for those kind of peo, Grapefruit Haters Unite!, The Grateful Dead Haters, we hate the patriots, Hendrix Haters, People Who Hate People, International Rap haters., WE HATE HOLLISTER!!, The Chosen Rejects, Music Is My Soul, Hate R&B and that kind of stuff, THE GROUP FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE RETARDED YET NEED TO FEEL LIKE THEY ARE AMAZING SO THEY WOULD JOIN THIS GROUP TO FEEL AMAZING AND EAT PIE!!!!!!!!, Army of the Dead, Ear Learners United, Vocalists, XXXXX WEED LOVERS OF UG UNITE XXXXXX, Sauce, trying to get as many people to join a group as i can i dont kare why just join the stupid group or else, just kidding if you want to join a group just join this no one ar you still seriously reading this name get a life and just click "join group&qu, The Pizza Lovers of UG, People who play to actually make music, Spider Watch!, Acoustics are guitars too!, BEST FRIEND'S GROUPP :), People who like cheeseburgers, UG Conspiracy Persons, UG Against The NWO (and other conspiracy topics), This is the most hugest longest ever made group that makes it look like you are in about a million groups when your only in maybe two or three and now my fingers are hurting but I'm going to keep typing. I like food, do you like food? how about cookies? d, Flying High, AWSOME HAIR GROUP!!!, The League Of Guitarists, Epiphone Les Paul players, Epiphone Guitar Owners, Epiphone Les Paul owners, Attack of the Bedroom Singers, Shower Singers, The Singer's Group, Punk Rockers, Creepy, Feeling Like Music Means More Than School, School Blows!, The Schoolbus Anarchy, we wear black to school everyday, For Everyone that Loves Green Day, The Knighthood of Purple Picks!, FREE THE PEAR Petition, The Day that Music Died, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , well im just gonna say a bunch of non-needed stuff so by the time you get done reading this youll be half way through the name...omg your still reading this random name...ok wtf your still reading this...just go ahead and join if your still reading, completely pointless dee da dee retarded thing someone made up one day completely pointless dee da dee retarded thing someone made up one day blah blah blah if your still reading this just join already cuz you already invested so much time reading it, The Real American Idiot- George Bush!!, The Official 'Who Thinks it is Really hard to come up with a Name for a Band' Group, The Clash, The Composers Society, Dumb thing to do in the middle of a gig, The End is coming, The Group About Everything, The Faker Haters, The Who, For the love of Guitar, We are the legion of big fat ugly pimple ridden, lousy STD filled douchebags., Stick it to the Man!, The UG Rebels, This Group Was Made So People Could Argue Over Which Guitar Is The Awesomest!, the jokes group, Transformice!, The Guitar Heroes, Place people talk about guitar when they have nothing to do exept talk., People for the Right to Want a Half-Stack Association, The Heath Ledger Appreciation Group, help guitarists rule the world, The high-fivers high fiving high five group!, The Idiots Guide to Being an Idiot, The "I Hate Fall Out Boy" Club, The group made to honor the only man who could survive a nuclear explosion in a lead lined refrigerator, The people who have nothing better to do than join this group, The Turtle Loving Zombies Alliance!, THE INSANE GROUP, The Official I want/need a New GUITAR group., future janitors of the world!, The Kinks, The group that literally doesnt have a name...and I mean literally., The people who live for music, The Group of Free Expression and Overall Freedom From Everything Oppressive, The Group of people who like to use tons of UG smiles, The Best Group In the Universe, The 'I'm in a shitload of groups' club, The Real Meaning of Music, people who hate the safetymetal on bic lighters, We Let People Listen And Play Any Music From Any Artist They Like..., The Only Group for Nerds, Dorks, and Geeks., The "We hate all Democrats and Republicans" Group, Music... The way of living<3, The No Income/Low cash Group, People who Join Groups for the hell of Joining Groups!!! or just wanna be in a group, the protesting group, The Punk Rock Group, Shaun of the Dead, The Group Who Loves Smileys!!! :D, Someday We'll Dig A Hole To The Other Side Of The Earth, The Song Writing Group, The group just for songwriters, That 1 group that does the stuff, The Hives, The Kinks, The Who Group, THE WHO: Townshend, Daltrey, Entwistle, Moon, the beatles fan club, the greenday fan group, The Offspring Fan Group, The Who, The Zombie Hunters/Survivors, The 'Nice Guys', The Awesome People Club, the awesome dudes, the cool wicked awesome people, Colors Are Awesome, Super-awesome-fun-ha ppy group for punks, punk-rock 4 ever! >.<, Punk Bands, to be a punk from your heart, PuNKS!, Punks Not Dead, Punks of UG, The Ultimate Zombie Punks, Strings, lyrics that spoke to us, ppl who wish fall out boy would finally "FALL OUT" and go away for a really long time ( for ever would be good) , people who love and i mean really love those groups with long names that try to make it sound likes its not gimmick but its still kind of a gimmick but you dont care because you really love it also can you join this group rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh , This group is for people who likes and or loves or even hates those groups with rediculously long names that take up a lot of space on your groups list so it makes it look like you have more groups then you do have. this group is for those kind of people , Our Group Gives Out Fabulous Prizes!, Fuck the Pandas, what about the Snails?, RAWR- I LOVE YOU in dinosaur, We love Citrus!, Best Green Day Fans Ever!!! (club), !Green Day Fans!, Green Day Fans, Green Day, Green Day Forever, Green Day Fans of UG, Green day Fans, green day2, green day fanatics and adicts, Green Day freaks, Green Day's rock group, The "I CAN Believe It's Not Butter" Group, THIS IS ALSO A GROUPO WITH AN EXTEMELY LONG NAME AND STAY A LONG TIME BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE TO LISTEN TO MY LECTURE ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN THE RAYS MADE THE WORLD SERIES AND IM GOING I LOVE MY BAND EMO ITS AWSOME I H8 HOBOS BECUASE THEY LIVE I, i look for or have seen bigfoot group, Let's make the biggest UG group ever!, This town aint big enough for all of us, Monster Hunter elite, Im afraid of monsters ahhhhhhhhh, Im afraid of monsters ahhhhhhhhh, Cult of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, The Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch Militia, Calvin & Hobbes Junkies, energy drink drinkers, The unspecific group for people who have joined a momenous amount of groups which insist on making their profile page far too large ,or the group joining whores assosiation., momomoomoomoom, this group has the longest name cuz i got nothin' better to do and i want to hold a record and i did not prewrite this title cuz it would take to long. i dont know what to write so im just writing things down on the computer and i really really really nee, This is a group name so large that when people look at your profile it looks like your really really important and you do lots of stuff like play guitar, listen to music, and stuff like that., Band Names, not my first wierd and long group that you know if you join it looks like if your in alot alot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of groups but your really in like 2 or 3 so join!!, Distortion makes you a better guitar player, Playing guitar fast is not all there is group (Anti-Faster is better), The Anti-Ultimate Guitar Censorship Group (AUGC), Guitarist and Bassist who play both, bassist and guitarists, cAN'T sTOP pLAYING gUITAR cLUB, Drummers Who Play Guitar, Guitarists Seeking Fame, Guitar and Drummer Alliance, Guitar Players 1001, I love Guitars!!!, Guitar1246346, Guitaraholics, Guitargasm forever!!!, Guitar is my life, Instrumental Guitar Appreciation, the people of earth that love to play the guitar, Guitaroholics, Dream guitars, guitar maniacs, Guitar Licks, Riffs and Phrases, the gruop that hates posers that think there cool cause they have a guitar but cant play at all, Rhythm Guitar Players, Teenage Guitarists, We Love Ultimate-Guitar And Want To Say Thanks!, group for people that want to give me free stuff, if i wanted you to tell me when i make a mistake while playing, i'd say so, Slash is overrated, Vintage guitars are totally badass ^_^, Dancing Pandas? I Think So (:, Banana Bread Lovers, the completly pointless group hu have nuffin betta to do with their lives than read this title even tho anyone else wud have just given up readin this about 5 mins ago so why didn u, u weird person??? group, NEW YORKAS, Team I.M.F. (Intelligent Muthafuckers) AKA Team New York City, supernaturalCatattac k , We Love 11223344554433, rock band, UFO fan club, Guitarists all over the world, One Week of Music, lead singer/ rythme guitar, Downloading music for free is like stealing a CD from a shelf, Ultimate-Guitar LOW-END., Immature group, Multi-instrumentalis ts , I Love Mashed Potatoes, Teens on UG, Nintendoism, YOyG - Youth For Young Guitarist <3 ONly for 14 - 15 yrs.old guitarist!!! , The School of Rock, UG's Lonely Hearts Club, We Shower Naked, What is the greatest guitar of all time?, Post-Punk, Some random group for awesome people who like randomly being awesome....with dots...., *lol wut*, People that play or can play like a hundred different instruments, Other Instruments, Breaking Things as a Couping Device, People Who Hate Christmas because of Over-Commercializati on, the Redefinition of Christmas, Becoming Distant from the True Meaning, Which is to Celebrate the Birth of Christ, and Allergies to Happiness!!!, Men Who Wear Skirts ShouldnТt Give Their Wives Dirty Looks., mikeskiboshski 4 Prez!!!, RIP JIMMY "THE REV" SULLIVAN, R.I.P. James Owen Sullivan, I ♥ Tarsiers!!!!, I Play Guitar Naked!, The Blue Group!, The Church of Will Smith, People who want to be in a Rock Band, "Rock for real" BULLSHIT PAPERJAMZ, OASIS WILL LIVE FOREVER, Are you ready for some football!!!, People Who Think "Horton Hears A Who" is the best stupid movie EVER!!!!, UG Movie Club, Those Goddamn Niggers, THREE DAYS GRACE, The group of people that can't efficiently size their group title to fit into the space provided, ROBOT DOMINATION, Arsonists Get All The Girls, hot girl pics, THE ANTI-ANTI-BANDWAGON BANDWAGON!!!!, Unknow Bands....Here you will be reconize.....JOIN... . , We love those totally cool t-shirts of great bands!! :), People in Bands, British Bands Group, Canadian Bands, Crash Bandicoot Club, Husker Du Is A Cool Band, I sing in a band, The Misfits fanclub, Misfits, the pledgers that promise to keep social distortion alive throughout the ages, Social Distortion, Rancid, THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS ARE THE WORST BAND IN THE WORLD ALL THEIR SONGS SOUND THE SAME THEY PROBABLY HAVE RETARTED MONKEYS WRITE THEIR SONGS GROUP, Billy Talent, Dead Kennedys, Generation Bomb, John Lennon, &#3237;_&#32 37; Beautiful, BEER and GUITARS, BEER and Guitar, The Guitarists' Union, Bored out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!, Puts Actual Location in his/her Location Area, Metallica Fans! Or Classic Heavy Metal Fans! Or punk rock fans!, Metal, Punk, Alternative Rock Fans!, Punk=Fashion, punk/grunge fans, Punk Rock Pennsylvannia, Pop Punk & Emo Chat Group, punkhomos, punkhomos, punk and fusion, Punk/Metal, Punk Nation, Punk Rock 4 ever, Punk Rock Fans, Punk/Rock Lovers!, Punk Rocks!, punk, ska, and reggae, I LOVE PUNK ROCK, Punky xD, Punk, Punk, Rock and Metal, Real Music Lovers - READ FULL DESCRIPTION OF REAL MUSIC!, Stoner Alliance For Good Music, All truly great musicians must be slightly insane, Music, People that hate stupid high school musical, Music, people that hate high school musical, People who blare their music on their ipods because we live like there's no tomorrow and reggret it later, Music is my life, Liverpool Music, We Like Really Loud Music!, music luvers, Music talk and stuff, MusicIsLOVE, Music=Life, Music Lovers (No We're Not a Pizza From Pizza Hut), MUsIc ManIa, Music Rivals!, KIDZ BOP IS A DISGRACE TO ALL MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, guitar players and my chemical romance, The Pick Gnome Hunters, Paul McCartney, The Random Awesome Music People!., Guitarists That Love The Godfather, how about this, i will download your song online.. and, if i like it, i will buy your album in a store.., UG's American Muscle Car Group, Let's bake Carmel a cake!, I can carry my guitar (NOT BASS) by the strings without fear of them breaking because I am a badass , MyGuitarSpace, Egyptologists United, WE HATE POP UP ADDS, GbAdimDb5m7's chords., The UG September 11 2001 Commemoration, Tronic Fan taber`s, Woodstock: three days of peace and music, Music FansZone, WE WILL MISS PAUL GREY!!!!!, Green Day, Herro. We ninja, I want to fucking hug and cuddle Hanners, people who like kermit, Covers, music is my life, I prefer to spend weekends, long weekends, vacations, any spare time, Homework time, Sleeping time, Working time, Tv time, school time, Breakfast time, Lunch time, Snack time, Dinner time, and any spare time I have, playing guitar., Anti Beiber Fever, Home Studio
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WOOHOO!!!!! 6:51pm : Aug 4th, 2010
Green Day Concert 5:15am : Jul 8th, 2010
THE NEW GUITAR!!!! 3:57am : Jun 20th, 2010
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from a punk rock background but have a soft spot for acoustic music. Although I don't come on here anymore, I will occasionally post new music. I've been playing and writing music for over 6 years. I put passion and heart into my music, and wish to share it with anyone who cares. Please help me by checking me out! VFMjg/videos
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