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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God damn it, Claudio...

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Why do you disappoint me so?

So high were my hopes for Year of the Black Rainbow (especially after hearing Guns of Summer and the Broken) that every ounce of energy I had within me was used to keep me from downloading the leaks and listening to the full album on Myspace. Those two had me assuming that you guys were going to do what you always do: Combine awesome heaviness and melody with ungodly writing and orchestration into one of the best albums of the year (possibly the decade). But I was wrong.

Really, Claudio? After absolutely annihilating me with the first three tracks, you just decide to grind to a halt? I'm all for a mixture of slowing down and then building back up, which is what I expected to happen after "Far" (which, let's be honest, should probably be on a new Prize Fighter album rather than here...as should most of the album...) but instead of doing what I so longed for, you just leveled off. You have given me musical blue balls of the highest caliber, and I can't forgive you.

And COME ON?!?!?! You hit me with that garbage and then decide not to put some of your most heavy-hitting songs I've ever heard on the album, but still torture me with their demos? BULLSHIT I SAY!!!! Had you actually put those in to break up the monotony that was tracks 5-12, I would be MUCH more pleased with this album. But I can't be.

You've done what Muse did with the Resistance. You focused too much on one aspect of your music and completely forgot about everything else that makes your sound awesome. You've done what Corey Taylor did to Slipknot and blurred the lines between your two projects, forgetting that your electronica (while welcome every now and then in the Co & Ca setting) belongs with Jesse and his story. Hopefully with another ten listens, I'll have changed my opinion, but I can honestly say I doubt it.

You've disappointed me, Claud...you've disappointed me soooo much.

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Spoony_Bard wrote on Apr 13th, 2010 11:55pm

WAT. Don't say this! I was just about to leave to grab the album! >.<

Watching them on that live broadcast thingy right now, though.


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