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Friday, July 24, 2009

Incubus :D

Current mood: energetic

Just got back from seeing Incubus in St. Louis with my boyfriend and two friends. Was epic :)
A British band named The Duke Spirit opened. They were actually really good.
opened with Privilege
Anna Molly
Nice to Know You
A Certain Shade of Green (one of the best)
Circles (My favorite)
The Warmth
Pardon Me
Talk Shows on Mute
Wish You Were Here
two songs from Fungus Amongus. names escape me right now
Love Hurts
Lets Go Crazy
Closed with Warning
(not in order except for open and close)
anyways, best time ever :) go see them.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Current mood: bored

Ok Draven i hope you're happy:) lol New blog
So, where to start...
For my 16th me and my dad went to Florida on a mini 2 day vacation. Flew into Orlando and then drove all the way to Tampa that day to see PEARL JAM that evening. I might be more into the metal and stuff, but i have to say Pearl Jam was one of my first loves when it comes to music :) So it was a big deal to me. Eddie Vedder is STILL the man. Kings of Leon opened for them, wasn't really a huge fan of them, but hey, i was really there for Pearl Jam anyway lol. They played all their amazing songs, with the exception of Jeremy, one of my faves. But, setlist consisted of Corduroy, Wishlist, Given to Fly, Black, Severed Hand, Life Wasted, Marker in the Sand, Why Go, Daughter, Elderly Woman etc, Black, Alive, Better Man, Even Flow, Do The EVolution, Yellow Ledbetter (of course they closed with it), and more.
So that was awesome. Then the next day we hung out at the beach all day. I might put pics up. Depends on my laziness. Amazing day for the beach though, it was great:) That night we drove back to Orlando and hopped back on a plane the next morning! It was a great time.
So enough of my ranting:D Hope all you UGers are doing just fantastic! please do drop a comment or two and we'll chat:D
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i don't get...

Current mood: giddy

I just don't know how so many people get banned:p
seems every other profile you go to
"I've been banned..."
just thought i'd point that out:D
hope all you ugers are doing just dandy
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Friday, November 23, 2007

recent obsessions

Current mood: refreshed

first off: music obsessions
--"stellar" by Incubus. idk it's a sweet song:)
--the album "Train of Thought" by Dream Theater. amazing.
--anything by iron maiden :p
--"raining blood" by Slayer. soooo much fun to play
--"Set the World On Fire (the lie of lies) by Symphony X.
--"windowpane" by Opeth. it's such a slow but great song
--the album "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica. had it forever but started to listen to it regularly again
umm other obsessions:p:
--texting. wow, i text a lot
--white fudge covered oreos. WOW.
so i guess that will suffice for now. i haven't written a blog in forever, so i needed one badly. :D hope you all are doing well
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Monday, October 01, 2007

New Recording Equipment!

Current mood: excited

I just got my new equipment set up that i've had forever but couldn't get to work!:D It's Line 6 tone port UX1 and its awesome! Pro Tone recording & modeling interface or something or other...but anyways it has a lot of amp models, pedals, and playing styles i can use. Hopefully with it i can figure out how to get mp3's on here. Too bad i'm no good lol :p only at covers and stuff so far...
so yeah, that's my exciting story. sorry you wasted thirty seconds of your time reading this :haha:
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Putting together a band is hard...

Current mood: bored

When you live in a town like mine or know the people that i do, putting together a band seems impossible... There is always those people that are like, "Hey cool! A band yeah i'll join! I play drums(or bass or guitar or etc) I'm Awesome!" Then when you hear them play, they suck. Or at least that's always how it is for me.
All the people i know who play well are either way older or just not interested in having a girl in their band 
I hate emo music. Not to offend others, but i hate it. I just so happen to be born in a town where every one listens to that stuff. My music tastes don't mesh well with theirs...
i guess all i can do is keep asking around and go to music stores and find people. I go to guitar center all time and mess around and meet a lot of awesome players,  but they're like twenty five or something.
Who knows? Maybe i'm not even as good as i think i am... i have yet to figure out to get my guitar skills on this site.
here's to another pointless blog lol :p Feel free to comment me or give tips on finding good musicians. Or whatever. I'm just really hoping this blog has more meaning than my last one lol :haha:
7:59 am - 16 comments - 15 Kudos
Saturday, August 25, 2007

I have no idea what i'm doing...

Current mood: confused

I really don't know what you're supposed to say on blogs. all i know is that UG is getting really cool and i really like this community thing. Hm... so what to talk about...i guess it doesn't matter because one person just said hi on one of their blogs, so i guess i can beat that...
Guitar is my life even though i don't think i'm good at it. Sweep picking is the hardest thing ever...ok not the hardest thing at all, but its still bad. I play a lot of metallica stuff; easiest for me because it neither bores me nor is too difficult; excluding lead solos. But hey, two years isn't bad for playing that stuff i think
well go ahead now and tell me how much my blog sucked. When i actually have a real topic for discussion i'll write a new one:p peace
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