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Monday, August 31, 2009

Lyrics to Hot Bitch with the Guitar

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shes the kind of girl you keep around
nice curves that sell me what ive found
let the truth be told you know it, you would...

fall in love for just one time
get exotic its erotic to be with her
have a drink to calm the nerves down
let it out and youre stuck in a ditch with her

its a total score
that id brag about for years
let the truth be told, that the mark is made
and i would...

for in love for a lifetime
get exotic its erotic to be with her
buy her things to keep her happy
hoping that she might stick around

im out of luck (im out of luck) 
shes just a poster on the wall

now that we've come back down to earth
this story played just like it seems
just a thought in my head
that will hang on the wall
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