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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lyrics to Logistics: Lookit Here

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Tell them to look away for a while  X2

(Im letting it go)


I need a new name

One that might stick in your head

Just lookit here

Its all apart of my plan

Embrace the impact

Get a punchline

And never think twice

Ill feel a little guilty of course


Im thinking of a place

and I really wanna get there

Im thinking of a place

but I gotta wait a whole year, fuck


I am a blogger

God I hate it

Please wastebook just leave me alone

I like monsters, and movies

In fact I love when they’re the stars

I must confess, I get boring

But making noise is so ideal (how I deal)

In my perfect world id know we’d all just be alright


I sort of tuned into static

I didn’t mean to get so attached

With the mindset of a basement rat

That’s breaking so soon


Background talking:

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value

Don’t let the context twist in the wind

Create the context before you risk the truth

Lookit here

Theres no five stages of grief with this one

I Just checked out

Left her steaming

Some people say im a psycho

Ahah weirdos

Theyre always dressed to fit someone elses storyline

Im immune to noise, traffic, prying eyes, liars

Hope I’m not just listening to the rats racing around this cage

I call a brain



Tell them to look away for a while X2

(im letting it go)


im thinking of the time and its really quite useless

im thinking of a smoke

man, I think ill stop it next week

im thinking of a girl

but I cant get arms around her

im thinking of that place

but I gotta wait a whole year, fuck

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