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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About to jump into guitar customizing...

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This past X-mas ('08), I dropped my Epi LP, as a result of too much tequila, beer and drunk relatives wanting to sing Johnny Cash tunes.  It was my fault, since I didn't engage my strap lock all the way.  The poor thing fell right onto the headstock and snapped it right at the headstock/neck area.  I had to grab the Gretsch and finish up "Folsom Prison Blues" for the family.
After frantically looking on eBay for a cheap replacement to swap necks, I figured, "why not give customizing a shot?".  My girlfriend bought me a set of Seymour Duncan Phat Cat SHP90 pickups that I wanted (so I can sound like Scotty Moore! :D) for Xmas, and I also planned on adding a Bigsby.  So, with the help of UG, I found that Warmoth offers custom guitar necks.  What the hell, why not get a custom neck for MY hands?
I know it's an Epiphone starter guitar, but the only difference between that and a Gibson LP is the body wood and the little details.  I can get Gibson-esque fretboard inlays to make it look like one.  To me, a customized guitar is worth more than an off-the-shelf Gibson that any Joe-sixpack could get.  It'll be tailored to my hands.  Plus, it was my first guitar that my parents bought me in Xmas of '07, and I learned playing on it.  After it's all said and done, the sentimental value alone to me will exceed the cost of a high-end Gibson, since it will be a constant reminder of my parent's support for my interest in music everytime I pick it up, plug it in, strap it on and strum the first warm-up chords for my playing session.  That, and the tattoo of a "Mom" heart on my left arm.  :) 
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