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Life Is Brutal (2)
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i'm a master chef now

Current mood: inspired

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i just made food for the first time in my life. well, not the first time, like i've made cereal and nachos with cheese and crap, but this is the first time i actually made something that people other than myself would consider a meal. i got a huge tortilla, put some baked chicken and rice from last night on it, some beans from last week, shredded cheese, and a few drops of taco bell fire sauce for flavor. i don't have any lettuce, but it was a true colinary masterpiece none the less. that burrito was revolutionary; now that i've leveled up past the microwave, i think it's time to master the oven. pizza is going to be my next attempt.:)
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Life Is Brutal wrote on Jun 17th, 2008 3:30am

Really? youve never actually cooked anything?


The Poopeater wrote on Jul 13th, 2008 3:32am

omg a burrito. holy fuckin shitballs. ive been making them since i was 5. and pizza is easy, make dough out of flour and water, and yeast. (your mom has a problem with yeast if u know wut i mean.) put the dough in a covered bowl, and let it sit out over night.(maybe your local pizza parlor sells dough if you are lazy.) top it with..... wait a second why the fuck am i telling you how to make a pizza?


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