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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Current mood: excited

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Yeah, so I moved forever ago (anyone reading this should know about that) and I moved 500 miles away from everything I knew- anyway, let's get past the prologue.
So I'm finally back to where I moved from!!!!!! (just a visit though) I'm so happy. Me and my friend Kiana are sitting here on youtube and ultimate-guitar (I'm on ug obviously and she's on youtube).
(Kiana's space to write something:)
"Where's the chapstick?" (in honor of the video I just watched on youtube).
oh yeah. and nicole's awesome :)
(now it's back to me)
I have awesome friends. Oh!!!!!! You have to see "mom scares the gay out of kid"- that's a really funny random video (we all probably have free time thanks to summer, but most of you are probably playing guitar like I should be.)
So anyway. Just thought I'd share that with you. :D
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