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Monday, October 31, 2011

My Original Recording Threads

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Here's my list of Original Recording Threads.  Please check it out and make a comment.

All of these songs were recorded live with a looper, except Streetwise.

Bug Walk - Lots of wah in this one. p?t=1516408

Hashre - Instrumental with an Eastern flavor p?t=1516406
Streetwise - My only song with vocals. p?t=1492849

Dark Wave - Ambient with a ominous bent p?t=1492528

Baldwin Park - Smokey Blues Improv p?t=1487206
Drifter - Chill Guitar p?t=1487990

Some Bird - Easy Listening Guitar p?t=1486747

Sneaky - Chill Guitar p?t=1486084

Jelly Jam - Chill Guitar p?t=1488246

Orange Chimera- 70s Progressive Guitar p?t=1488356

Trippy - Pretty Trippy Guitar p?t=1491618
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