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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The origin of Tasty Licks tone.

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Here's a quick overview of how the songs in my Tasty Licks collection were created.

Some Bird
Baldwin Park
Outta Town
Orange Chimera
These songs used the Zoom G3 and it's 40 sec looper synchronized with the internal drum machine.  The Auto Wah is used in both Some Bird and Outta Town.  Otta Town also uses the Z-Organ.  The Orange Amp sim is used in Baldwin Park.  A Line 6 Backtrack recorder captured the audio from the 1/4" output of the G3.

The Boss ME-25 and it's 38 sec looper were used in Sneaky.  The drums were a Boss DR-5 plugged into the ME-25 aux in.  Recorded from the 1/4" output using the Line 6 Backtrack.  Lots of use of the Freeze effect after the 3 minute mark.

Jelly Jam
I combined the ME-25 and the G3 together so I could use the drums/looper on the G3 and the Freeze effect on the ME-25.  Tones were from both.  The Vintage Marshall Stack on the ME-25 and the Orange amp on the G3.  Plus a combination of delays on both.  Listen for the freeze to kick after around the 2 1/2 min mark.

An RP1000 and it's 20 sec looper were used for these songs.  A pedalboard with a variety of pedals are in the stomp loop of the RP1000.  So these songs combine separate pedals with the RP built in stomps.  The RP1000 is hooked up 4CM with a Crate Vintage Club 50 and miced for recording.

Dark Wave  
The G3 was placed on the output of the RP1000 for the purpose of using the looper.  The FX and tones came from the RP1000 as described above.  A Line 6 M5 in the loop of the RP1000 provided the far out FX.  An eBow provided the long sustains.

Early Reflections
This song demonstrates the Yamaha Magicstomp early reflections reverb.  Double tracked using a Strat and a clean tone.

Loop Noodle Soup
Epiphone Dot played into a Big Muff.  A Jamman looper is used with it's default drum/bass track.  An ethereal background loop with the Big Muff followed by a lead melody with the Muff.  Recorded from a miced Peavey Classic 30

Fun deLay
A Korg AX3G plugged directly into a computer sound card provided the tone.  Double track recording.

Street Wise
Played over a stock drum track.  A Korg AX3B bass multifx used in the bass line recorded direct.  The lead tone used a GNX3 run into a miced Peavey Classic 30.

Open Air
MXL condensor mic and a Rouge Acoustic.
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