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Monday, March 03, 2008


Current mood: bouncy

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and wrote moRe lyrics about eating a goddamn chocolate muffin. it was awesome.
i'm in class obviously, not doing anything again. oh well, the beauty of this class is that it can be done at suck it, Salem-Keizer District!
so how was your weekend? mine was awesome! of course it was spent with my lovable, adorable boyfriend lol and kayla and kimley. we went to a hot spring in the dead of a cold night. all i have to say is "Good Times and Noodle Salad"!
well, i do have to say i'm kinda down...i moved back in with my grandma. which means my freedom is limited again and not as much time w/ GaRy. sad :sad:
but like GaRy says, "It could be worse" and its veRy true, i could've moved back in and then moved to the otherside of the countRy. my grandma will not hesitate to make suRe it happens. its just that she doesn't think about things like moving and crap. thank god. *sigh* i miss my Baby :heart: :D
hmm...not really much to blog about today...
i'm gonna do some research on bands i like. and then discuss them in the next blog and see what you guys think.
i just think its sad that theRe aRe many profile views and only one friend :haha: 
take caRe,
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