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Friday, February 22, 2008

Devil Made Flesh

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:wtf: its been a while since i've been heRe! so, lets have an update:
my ex girlfriend is an official smelly cunt bitch fagot ass piece of shit on the ground and i hope she rots in hell :haha:
yea, her and i and my other best friend got in a fight. on myspace. how gay. so now she's all butt huRt and angRy cuz my friend and i don't woRk like her and don't really give a shit about it. she thinks she was able to conveRt eveRyone in my circle of friends to be like her, a stressed out over worked piece of raw meat. no, fuck that! this life is mine and you can't have it cuz its mine. fuck what other people think, i believe everyone has the right to live the way they want to. whether it be haRd labor or hardly any labor. i'll admit, i'm a fuckin lazy ass motherfucker.
and, despite all the heartache, i managed to find myself a boyfriend! :heart: i love him alot. he may be older but age is just a number in my eyes. as of now we've been going out for about 4-5 days [hehe] ya, i'm a happy giRl. i call him my baby and  he calls me his "Sexy Lil Imp" LOL cuz i'm a devious little bitch. he says he loves me and i can tell he's genuine when he says it. he barely knows me and he can say that he loves me. may seem kinda strange to you, but it works for me. i figured maybe the moRe he gets to kno me the moRe he'd fall head over heels for me lol
on top of that. my baby's best friend is the drummer for the band i'm in. yes, its finally happening. i'm lead vocals and soon to be rhythm guitar, mhm, in the subject line of this blog is the song title we'Re currently workin on.
since i'll be talkin about the band, lets go ahead and drop some names:
Kayla aka "D!$3@$3" - vocals [low and some growling] & possible bass
Me aka "I.M.P." - lead clean vocals
Josh aka "Troll" - guitar [and personal chef]
Kimley - drums
and i think the band name is Happily Ever After. Kayla came up with that. i wanted it to be called "Best Taste By Never" but, i don't think too many people may like it. i did cuz this is what happened: i was sitting in class with my buddy Steve and i had a starbucks mocha bottle. he took the bottle and began his usual tagging. well, he scratched out the expiration date and wrote "never". after sitting theRe thinking about it, i decided to use it for a band name. for this reason; the music spat forth from the band called Best Taste By Never will be immortal. if you think about it, people will remember not only the songs, but the emotion and the dedication it took to create them. i want to be in a band with individuals that immerse themselves in music constantly, like me. the people in the band should have the same passion as i do for music and its purpose. this is why the name fits: the music will be good and it will never expiTRe! at least thats how i see it...
but this band, i can tell its gonna be a good one. all these people live, sleep, eat and shit music. i'm veRy excited about all this. its gonne be puRe untamed Metal. regular jackoffs will shit themselves silly when they hear the sounds of our daRk hearts and twisted minds. yup, life is fuckin amazing right now. wish me luck!
- Insane Metal Princess :wtf:
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