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Thursday, January 13, 2011

One night could last forever, and if you asked her

Current mood: pensive

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This is one of my favourite songs. It's got such a simplistic, dream-like quality to it that just makes me want to cry listening to it, but also sleep. It's a nice little reminder of the problems of your world/life before you hit the hay. It's by the now famous Against Me!, or more specifically it's just Tom Gabel. He wrote the lyrics and the music anyways. As with most Against Me!, it's quite powerful and moving. This song succumbs to a similar fate, and that's why I love it so much. Just remember, a song doesn't have to rhyme to blow your mind wide open.

8 Full Hours of Sleep - Against Me!

When you sleep,
No one is homeless.
When you sleep,
You can't feel the hunger.
When you sleep,
No one is lonely in a dream.
Without classes,
Without nations...
When you sleep,
She's standing there with open arms,
And one night could last forever,
And if you asked her,
She'd never let go,
And you'd stay forever...

And the sun's always rising
In the sky somewhere,
And if young hearts should explode
From all the lies they've been told...

Let the new night bring you peace
And the promise of tomorrow,
Where we can wake to a new beginning.
Tomorrow I'll all but have lost their faces;
My friends and family,
Memories of all we had
And the times we should have lived,
And tomorrow America just might fall apart.
Tomorrow, tell me,
Where will you wake up?
Beyond title, beyond these careers and laws,
Something more than borders on a map...

And the sun's always rising in the sky somewhere,
And if young hearts should explode
From all the lies they've been told...
To live through one night like this,
I would trade it for the silence...


Again, let me know what's sparking around in your brain.
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the chalky one wrote on Dec 5th, 2011 3:43pm

right now......im debating a couple of decisions and writing some songs.
if you wanna go deaper we're gonna need more room for e to write.


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