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kr46 (2)
Friday, April 17, 2009

Music shops, and there downfalls!

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Music shops

Maybe many of you have noticed, the whole lack of interest in the workers of music shops, The lack of concern as you battle which strap to choose. 
When I first started playing bass, and started going to music shops to try instruments, every time I walked someone tried to sell me something, and you felt bad if you walked out not buying something, even something small. But these days, why bother, example

I walked into a music shop on Wednesday, one of favourite in times gone by. 

Me: Hi there
Employee: Hi
Me: Can I try that 5 string precision over there
Employee: I suppose
Me: ok can I have a lead
Employee: Why?
Me: so I can plug in and listen
Employee: right then..

He then proceeds to walk over to the amps and plugs me intp a Marshall mb, A Marshall Mb I say, cant I play through the trace there, he replies no its broken. So I sit there rather gloomy, playing quite a badly set up bass through a Marshall. Not my best time. 
But there’s me thinking that in these Dark and gloomy times of job loss etc, they would be trying to sell everything and anything, to everyone and anyone. It puts you off going to these places, if there not even going to lie to try and sell you something. Why bother working there if either A, you don’t enjoy it or B, you cant be bothered. 

Me second complaint about music shops is the other people who frequent them. The person suddenly trying to out do you for some strange reason. Your there, just trying to sample a pedal, amp or guitar or anything else that’s on your wish-list. You playing away, even simple stuff or testing out harmonics on the instrument. And some over ego kid thinks it’s a chance for him/her to show off. Your know distracted having to put up with this person playing as fast as they can, and your playing dazed and confused.
The whole atmosphere of instrument shops is off putting to me and im sure many others.  Why we go back to the good old days

Rant over

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kr46 wrote on Apr 17th, 2009 4:46pm

Yes i have come across this as well , i think its because some of the staff themselves are guitarists who think they are the rock god of the town....NOT,....

I have good friends who work in a local shop and i jam in there for ages on other peoples equiptment.

You deserve a good service and its YOU who pays there wages , so demand a good service,,if your not happy with the way your treated "COMPLAIN"..ask to see the manager this will buck their ideas up...also if their being funny ask them to get loads of stuff out for you to try and stay for ages and keep turning the volume up and down...ITS YOUR RIGHT as a consumer to have a good service ...rise above the crap walk in confident and control the situation....the guys probably been out all night smoking the entire Bob Marley back catalogue...so thats why he's out there..

And as for the hero trying to beat you at playing...just say as you walk off...YES MY KID BROTHERS BEEN TRYING TO GET THAT ONE RIGHT FOR AGES TOO....bye...

Peace ...


Lilldjuret wrote on May 6th, 2009 8:39am

I have stopped going to shops. I'd rather sit around at home, lurking Thomann, trying to achieve anything reminiscent of a proper GAS.
The shops here in Sweden are rather dull. They only stock vintage-y instruments people are sure to buy. Fender, Squier, ESP, Ibanez, one or two Warwicks at most.
Not to mention that they don't care for bass players at all. I really miss the time of mystery, when I could walk into a shop, seeing each and every instrument as magic. Even that shoddy, banged up P-bass was worthy of respect and awe.
I'm happy that there are companies like Woodo, who dare defy the mainstream music shops, but I'd sure love some more of them.


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