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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Stoner's Top 5 Tips for Tour

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Here it is, through years of "get-in-the-van" (and sometimes RV) experience. These seemingly small things matter when you're stuck in the middle of Texas in July and no civilization for miles.

5. Always Have Toilet Paper


3. Appearance Agreements, no matter what level of success you have, are VERY important. Tour riders as well. Just because you're not Bon Jovi doesn't mean you can't ask for a few essentials. Even if it's just a case of bottled water at every venue you'll be taking plenty of free water on the road. Did I mention water is important?

2. Coming Soon

1. !STICK TO THE F*ING BUDGET! I have been on so many tours that ended far too soon because of mismanaged money.

There are fans you'll meet on the road that will help you with meals, letting the band crash at their crib, or even letting you park the big-ass van in their driveway. These are the true fans, and the people that make this lifestyle so meaningful.
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