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benouble wrote on Dec 28th, 2010 6:59am

Hye !

What a good job you did on the sound here.
I'm very interested in the sound you have on these track for the guitar. I believe you play this on seven strings guitar.
My guitarist plays on seven strings guitars too, and I'm searching for good sounds for distorsion for this type of guitar. Do you use any emulator like GTR3 or amplitube or else ? I've tried for now GTR3 but I'm not really satisfied...
I'd really like to now how you make your guitar sound so loud and with so much precision.

If you're working on GTR3 or amplitube, I'm also interested by preset file, in case you don't mind.

Here is my e-mail :

Ben from FRANCE.


SocialismCross wrote on Apr 26th, 2010 2:29pm

this is wicked!
is this a loaded pattern or yours ? Would really like know how to make your own user patterns on addictive drums.


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