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Musicmaniac1234 (2)
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lucky Charms gives you niiiiiiiiice dreams...

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Alright, so last night i was hungry and being the lazy ass that i am i went ahead and got a bowl of Lucky Charms before passing out. God did i miss those marshmallows...

Anyway, that's not what i wanted to talk about. The real interesting part were the dreams that came afterwards.

In my first dream i was at my grandma's house chilling and listening to my mom talk about two of my aunts fighting over the last bottle of coke at the store. So... i'm just there, when suddenly a motha-f*cking tigah walks in through the door!!!

*it was a tiger cub*

So get this: instead of freaking out or going "omgzorz cute little tigah!!!" all i say is, "wtf? that tiger f*cking stinks!" The rest of the dream was composed of me following the tiger (and the cub following me) and debating whether to give it a bath or not and why this one stinks when the adult lion that had showed up some weeks ago hadn't.

The second dream was a bit longer and tiger-less:

I was at my high school's gym (note: i graduated in '07) for some "presentation" when i decide to sit next to my 1301 college english professor. We start chatting up and talk about his band doing shows again (old profile with music). Right after that i spot a girl i knew back then (who i had a crush on and tried asking out; i never did so even though now i know she would've said yes... she has big boobz) and decide to sit next to her. We're having a normal conversation when some dude goes up to her and starts hitting on her/being a douche so i put my arm around her waist, pull her back, and pretend to be her bf. She's glad i did that cuz the guy and his friend walk off immediately.


He goes up to the tv in the front (we were watching a movie; yes, this was the presentation: Avatar) and grabs the shotgun that's next to it. Instinctively i grab Josie's (girl i'm with) rifle and tell the guy to put the shotgun down.

I end up shooting him and his friend... he was only trying to move the shotgun so that it wouldn't fall down.

At that moment my gf texted me and woke me up before the ambulance got there.

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Musicmaniac1234 wrote on Mar 2nd, 2010 2:51pm

LOLOL :D ....wOw


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