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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Future gear revision...

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Ok... update:

So far I bought Core X2 and Bullet cables and they sound just like I expected. I have some leftover cable from the Core's dyi kit so I can always redo the patches to fulfill my needs in the future.

I've been paying more attention into what amps I'll be getting. So far I've replaced (in my mind at least) the Dual Terror for an Orange TH30. The TH30 has a dedicated clean channel while the DT actually had two "gain" channels (one was the same as the Tiny Terror and the second being a higher gain version of the previous). Apart from that, it's also got an effects loop. Initially I had thought about modding the DT to add a loop but after some research I discovered that the loop could only be added into one channel due to the amp's design. Lastly, the TH offers more gain than the DT, somewhat akin to that of the Orange Dark Terror... this is perfect for playing some heavier music. Now, if only it had built-in reverb...

Now, onto the cabs... At first I had thought that the Greenback/Blue combo would sound nice but now I doubt they'd mix very well. The Greenbacks have a rather dark/muddy sound while the Blues mainly shine in bassy blues/jazz cleans. Because of this, they're not very good when it comes to the opposite spectrums (Blues in high gain and Greenbacks in cleans). So far I've found Celestion Golds and Vintage 30s to be more pleasing and well rounded in terms of versatility. Also, they're not overly distant in terms of sound so I assume they'll be easier to blend (not to mention that I know this has been done quite often).

One more thing, as if I haven't said enough: no more 2x12 cabs. Instead I'm gonna go for 2 1x12 cabs per head to make two mini full stacks. Come on, seriously... how bitching would that be!?! I've never been a fan of half or full stacks' looks, not to mention that they're so space consuming. Also, having so many speakers would probably be overkill for my needs and space accommodations. Unfortunately, doing so many separate cabs makes things more expensive (not to mention that the TH30's a few hundred dollars more than the Dual Terror to begin with) so this will be a long process. Another thing I'm slightly worried about is a possible loss of low end but I'm hoping it won't be a big deal. I've noticed that the Avatar speakers are slightly bigger than the Orange and Egnater ones (Egnaters are even smaller than Oranges) so I might be safe with the amount of "thump."

...Seriously, look at this:


Next thing on my list will be to look over my choice of effects. At first I had thought that getting a multieffects would be a good idea but thanks to Andy from Pro Guitar Shop I've seen that there are a lot of great options out there. My dilemma now is sacrificing user controls for unique sounds from every individual pedal.
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