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Monday, March 21, 2011

More Backing Tracks!!!(Yippie)

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Ok, so now I've gotten better at mixing my songs, and since I suck at writing lead guitar riffs, I'm making these backing tracks of some of my songs available for download. So if your in a jam, and can't think of anything to write, or just want something to practice to, download these track and have at it.

The drums are...basic, but they get the point across. They are not horrible, but they could be better.

Just don't claim the entire song as your own if you decide to publish it as something you wrote, give credit where credit is due, that's all I ask.

Releasing The Pressure(backing track)
Tuning: Drop D
Linky: bandID=1034597&songID=10423308

All Over Again(backing track)
Tuning: D or Db(I don't remember)
Linky: bandID=1034597&songID=10423307

Fast Metal Idea Riff(changing the name to Last Chance once I get a lead for it)
Tuning: D Standard
Linky: bandID=1034597&songID=10423306

Party Animal(backing track)
Tuning: E Standard
Linky: bandID=1034597&songID=10423305

Sins(backing track)
Tuning: Drop B
Linky: bandID=1034597&songID=9717554

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