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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Must Have Album: Whoracle. Buy It Noob Bitches.

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Whoracle. How do you define an album that defines an entire genre? The Jester Race may have created melodic death metal but Whoracle is the defining album of the genre. The songs are catchy and easy to hum along too, yet it still manages to be one of the most brutal albums ever recorded.

Whoracle is a concept album which describes the past, present, and a hypothetical future of the earh. "Jotun" is a foreshadowing of the main concepts where a society is crushed and broken after an apocalyptic event. "Episode 666" seems to be the narration of this apocalyptic event which is, perversely, televised. The songs leading up to this tell a story of the rise and fall of a global society. "The Hive" and "Jester Script Transfigured" describe this technologically advanced society and a utopian new world order which is demolished by human nature in the next two songs. The inclusion of the Depeche Mode cover, "Everything Counts", is a poignant way to imply that the people who built then destroyed their society realized their folly after it was too late. Seem relevant to whats going on today? Its almost so relevant it can almost be uncomfortable to think about and listen to at times.

The album is impossible to summarize sound wise, as any summary would be an understatement to the brilliance that lies in the music. The entire album was meticulously planned and composed, and perfectly executed in the studio. The brutal riffs are laced with melodies and harmonies sure to keep you humming for weeks to come. Unpredictability is one of the greatest aspects of In Flames, and Whoracle showcases their diversity musically. Beautiful acoustic intros and interludes are scattered throughout the album, and clean vocals and instrumentals turn up in places where nobody would ever expect. Whoracle is full of surprises from beginning to end.

I know few of you will listen to the album, and i understand the apprehension toward this album because its such a pure breed of metal. "The screaming is annoying and impossible to understand. The de-tuned guitars are beyond heavy and can sound like armageddon at times." New ears to metal hear a loud tangled web of noises where beauty, clarity, and depth truly lie. I know, i heard nothing but noise once. It has taken me years of liking metal and In Flames to really begin to appreciate this album for the masterpiece it really is. In the end I'm not trying to persuade anyone to love this album as much as I do, or even like metal, but maybe someone will gain a new appreciation for how complex and beautiful this music really can be.

Recomended Quick Listening Links:
Gyroscope - A track than stylistically represents the majority of the album.

Jotun - A heavier track with a cheerful sounding lead guitar melody throughout.

Whoracle - Acoustic instrumental with distant female vocals
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