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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

To My Dearest Elliott Smith.

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It has been far too long since i have written any music recommendations. Life happens and i been increasingly busy, yet i decided it was long overdue for me to find time to write this. I am not throwing together a collection of songs this time, i decided to spotlight a single artist i think everyone tagged in this note will greatly enjoy discovering (if you have not already been exposed to him). Folks, Elliott Smith.

Elliott Smith never wanted or tried to become the musical phenomenon that he became. His ambitions, or lack thereof, are easily displayed by a simple listen to his first album, Roman Candle. It was recorded entirely in a basement with a tape 4-track, a $100 guitar, and a Radio Shack microphone, yet may possibly be the most intimate and revealing work of Elliott's career. Elliott's soft, whisper-like vocals and tender finger picked guitar passages suggest that he wasn't even comfortable with his own talent, instead he opted isolate himself in his basement and be discreet and withdrawn about what he was creating. Brilliance.

The honest tenderness of Elliott's voice manages to convey more than just simple emotions to the listener, it can transmit feelings so acutely and genuinely that listening to an Elliott Smith song often feels more like a first person human experience than a passive listening ordeal.

Elliott never was one too blame others for his infinite sadness, instead he chose to look internally for the causes and solutions to his problems. The extreme scrutiny of the human spirit displayed in his songs make for some of the most poignant poetry ever put over music. His tragic suicide put an end to what could only have been a stellar musical career and precious life, yet his music has not failed to affect lives and live on long past its creator.

Recommended Viewings (This is what makes this whole note worth while, you can make time to watch a few simple videos =D

Needle In The Hay (Roman Candle, first album)
*the video is from the royal tenenbaums, a movie definitely worth watching. not just because elliott is in the soundtrack either.

Miss Misery
*the producers of the oscars made elliott play this song he wrote for good will hunting, saying if he didnt play it someone else would. poor guy, you can tell he is way out of his comfort zone and doesnt want to be there, but it is a brilliant song a performance.

The Bigest Lie
This video was made the day after his death. One of my favorite songs of his.
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