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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A description of morality and the Pit

Current mood: annoyed

There's no doubt that a lot of Pit-goers are of the same mind politically and ethically on a lot of subjects.
That being said, it annoys me how often certain topics come up. Specifically topics concerning the American second ammendment and 'God vs. Atheism'.
Good topics of discussion? Yes. Important questions of our society? The Pit makes that bleedingly obvious.
I just tire of reading the same subjects over and over and over and over and over and over again. Any thread concerning religion, even in the slightest, eventually boils down to atheism. Any thread involving violence eventually boils down to gun control/lack thereof. Any thread that involves science eventually boils down to potato.
The simple answer to these subjects is that there is no simple answer.
Enough ranting, here's my point: We all know each other's stance on most items of talk now. Why can't we get some fresh shit in the Pit? Why can't we stop polishing our internet knobs long enough to have some fulfilling conversation?
Thank you, I'm out.
4:15 pm - 1 comments - 4 Kudos
Monday, April 02, 2012

"Technicality" in music

Current mood: annoyed

Ok, bit a rant here.

I get really bothered when people refer to certain types of music as 'technical'. What do you mean by technical? Finger speed/accuracy? Theory knowledge and its application in the music? Possibly even both?

Literally, the word 'technical' is an adjective that describes an artist's way of using technique. So, I would certainly argue that all music is technical. Even if someone has bad technique, it is still their technique, and therefore still 'technical'. 

The most I ever see this term used is when talking about genres of metal. "I like his style because it's very technical." Of course it is. It's his technique. But what, to you, does 'technical' mean? I never hear the word used to describe blues or jazz. Do you relate it only to accuracy when playing fast notes? Certainly jazz musicians have a degree of technicality in their playing, as well? Specificity is the key here.

Please, stop being vague so I can rest easily. Or, better yet, stop using the word all together.

"He's a good guitarist because his speed and precision is impressive." "She's a good guitarist because her implication of different techniques shows her musicianship."

^^^Those are acceptable. ^^

"He's a good guitarist because his music is technical." 

^^That is not acceptable. It is vague, at best. ^^^


I'm done now. I've seen that word too many times today and it got on my nerves. If anyone cares to contest what I've said, feel free--I'd love to see other's opinions.
6:19 am - 1 comments - 0 Kudos
Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's wrong with music these days.. (opinion)

Current mood: frustrated

I think that this Facebook conversation sums it up quite nicely. To be clear, I think the guy responding directly to the video is moronic and completely misunderstands and, I would say, even abuses the use of music. And I am in complete agreement with the guy who rebukes the first poster.

Purely opinion, though. 

I play music because I enjoy it. I enjoy covering songs that I love, and making new music that expresses how I feel. To me, that is the true purpose of music--to convey emotion in a medium that everyone can understand.

I believe that in this era in music, most "artists" just seek fame and fortune, ignoring the fact that music should be regarded as an art. 

Thanks for reading and putting up with this ramble. Could have been longer, but I just don't have it in me 
8:58 pm - 3 comments - 4 Kudos