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MarshallStackLP wrote on Aug 29th, 2010 11:45pm

dwally89 wrote on Aug 29th, 2010 at 10:41pm :
Listening atm:

Werewolf: Isn't really my style of music, so am not the best person to crit it. Vocals aren't the best (but then I'm not the best singer either), but they have a lot of aggression which I like, which suits the style of the music.
Like the breakdown, very heavy.
Can hear a bit of Metallica in the song

She Knows: Maybe use a bit less distortion on the guitar? Kind of here a bit of Ramones/Sex Pistols in this song.
Nice guitar solo, a bit too shreddy though. Good song overall though

haha! cheers mate :) i know i cant sing for shit but someones gotta do the job atm lol. Also yes the song is very metallica influenced lol... and also yeah i know she knows has a very.... "metal" solo.. i was trying to give it a bit more melody if you get me, but i get if it seems a bit out of place lol :) thanks man


Shadow678 wrote on Aug 19th, 2010 11:55am

Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to both of my demos. Oh, and its good to hear that it was just the camera angle making the mic look the way it did, no one deserves to blow their vocal chords.


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