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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Explorer update

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Hi all,
having some difficulty uploading phots to this site, any tips greatfully received.
The explore is almost complete, just got to house in the pickups as soon  as they arrive from USA. Puttin in Stevie Via Evolution at bridge and Breed at the neck positions
The neck is complete, as is the body, used an old peice of afromosia, drying around 20yrs for both peices and a black walnut fret board. The guitar has a reverse neck ( i think it looks better ) and jumbo fretwire. I have also fitted an inlay to the 12th fret position but have covered this up as it is for my eldest son and a surprise, he might read this you know!! All the ironmongery is black, tuners, bridge, saddle, scratchplate,
Pictures speak louder than words so I shall atempt, again to upload some pictures for you asap.
The guitar is going to be finished in a matt white enamel with at least 6 coats of clear laquer.
If you read this blog, leave a comment please as I have had many visitors and no comments, go on.
You should all have a go at designing and making your own guitar, it's great fun and very rewarding.
My son has Adopted, borrowed, taken, become attatched to, my last guitar project, the Jimmy Page wired one. He is playing it at his latest gig, Friday 14th Aug, disgarding his flying V. At rehersals his fellow band members said " that guitar is like the full Sunday Diner, Meaty with two veg and hundreds of gravy, the mutts nuts."
A complement indeed if I ever heard one, thanks guys.
Anyway must go and sand the body and neck (of the explorer) for the umteenth time and not the last time i should add.
Watch out for the pictures they will be here soon, i hope!
Cheers Dessi
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