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Friday, February 04, 2011

Fret buzz

Been getting crazy fret buzz on the cheapy copeland guitar. So decided today to sort the problem.............. so wish I hadn't bothered. Now don't get me wrong, this is a job I have done tons of times before on many different guitars and basses. But O No the copeland likes to throw some spanners into the works. Usual checks carried out with bridge height, frets and then the magic neck profile. Sure enough slight twist in the neck causing fret buzz on top E from the second to the sixth fret. So off comes the truss rod cover, thankfully easily, get the oldie allen key in and....................................... Feck sake could I get the fecker to move, no. Had a wee snoop around the forums and see if there is a solution to this problem and sure enough you good folks have a solution. Five minutes later truss rod slowly but surely loosening, tune strings again, no fret buzz in top E - success. Fecker moved to D string from first to third fret, another quick loosen and fret buzz all gone. Put covers in place, guitar tuned, play a couple of songs, cheesy grin on face and wee pat on my back for job well done. Out to shop for celebratory choc bar, home, plug in guitar........... fret friging buzz on E,A and D strings. Basswood makes a lovely fire and the plastic pick guard give pretty colored flames. Na only kidding, have put the guitar to bed to be tackled another day.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

First post

Current mood: accomplished

Well, I'm probably writing to myself, but I suppose that beats talking to myself. Have been on this site for a while probably wrote on the forum twice in the last two/three years and then this week I have posted over ten times. I'm a posting whore, better calm down or I will wear these fingers down to the bone and I need them to play guitar.........................badly.

Have taken a real interest in the modification post on the forum, I wouldn't dare touch my main baby, but recently bought a guitar for teaching my kids and i am seriously thinking of a wee bit of sanding, painting and hardware upgrades galore.

Well hope to speak to me soon.
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