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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dynamo Kiev, My Band! New Recordings!

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First of all a little intro:

We are four in the band, I play lead guitar and do some backup singing.
The singer also plays guitar very well, and we have a Bass, and Drums. We do all songs composed by us, some songs are sung in spanish and others in english.

So this is our official website: http://dynamo-kiev.com.ar
But it is in spanish so you might not understand.
Anyways, we have a Myspace too: http://myspace.com/dynamokiev

Last weekend we recorded the usual friday reahersal on video. We recorded all of our songs which are not on myspace.

Videos can be seen here: http://youtube.com/dynamokiev69

And thats it! Thanks a lot!

Please tell me what you think!
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