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Saturday, December 05, 2009

ACDC LIVE!!! - I just came back from the best show

Current mood: ecstatic

Well, its 2:18 AM here in Argentina, Buenos Aires, at 11:00pm yesterday I exit the RIVER PLATE stadium, where AC DC had just played Live for a very big public. Over 70 000 people. But that was not it. I went to the second show, and this Sunday there is a third show. They had record sales here in Argentina, with 40 000 tickets sold after two hours they went on sale.

Anyways back to the performance. It was awesome. They are old, yes, but they still rock and in the most rejoicing way. They are so full of energy, the crowd just went mad. They started off like on all of black ice's tour performances, with rock n roll train. Then they performed a few of the new album's songs like Black Ice, War Machine, Shoot to thrill. They played lots of classics like Highway to hell, back in black, thunderstruck, shook me all night long, for those about to rock, dirty deeds, hells bells. Very good performance, angus made an awesome solo, were he played alone for tasty minutes. He also did the classic undressing at the song THE JACK. We also had the great performance of hells bells with the giant ACDC bell. In whole lotta rosie they had a giant inflated doll sit on top of the rock and roll train.

To finish they had cannons firing away at the last song for those about to rock. It was thrilling, im so happy I got to see the best band ever.

Hope someone reads this.

edit: Just posted a cover of Back in black on youtube with perfect tone
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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

27 november. Saw the Killers live.

Well, I saw the Killers Live here at Argentina. Needless to say it was awsome, though I only knew a few of the songs they played. Im a very big fan of hot fuss but I do not like very much the other CDs. They played very few songs of Hot Fuss. But it was worth it.

they started out with Human, and then played some other songs. I enjoyed the most out of:
Bones, Smile like you Mean it, Mr Bright side, Read My mind, Jenny was a friend of mine.

They really performed great, no mistakes, singer was impeccable.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

My Band

Okay, this is quite simple.

My band is composed by 2 guitars, 1 Bass guitar, and drums.

We have Hi-fi home quality recordings in our myspace, http://myspace.com/dynamokiev

We play hard rock/rock/pop/metal, very versatile band, really.

We only play our own songs, and we play both english and spanish.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Yesterday I saw Oasis live

I went to see Oasis play on River Plate Stadium, very good!
Of course I went to the field, I got to the closest point possible, I was 10 feet away from the band!

They opened up with Fuckin' in the Bushes, and they played most of their most popular songs, including 4 songs from the new album.

Overall It was awsome, very good performance and sound!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dynamo Kiev, My Band! New Recordings!

Current mood: mellow

First of all a little intro:

We are four in the band, I play lead guitar and do some backup singing.
The singer also plays guitar very well, and we have a Bass, and Drums. We do all songs composed by us, some songs are sung in spanish and others in english.

So this is our official website: http://dynamo-kiev.com.ar
But it is in spanish so you might not understand.
Anyways, we have a Myspace too: http://myspace.com/dynamokiev

Last weekend we recorded the usual friday reahersal on video. We recorded all of our songs which are not on myspace.

Videos can be seen here: http://youtube.com/dynamokiev69

And thats it! Thanks a lot!

Please tell me what you think!
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

My builds and mods!

Okay, so here Ill post a link of all my builds and mod threads .

My Frankenstrat part 1

My Frankenstrat part 2

Millicaster   (Finished)

100GBP Build - Telecaster

1960 Argentine Guitar 

Feel Free to ask any question!

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