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Monday, March 16, 2009

The awesome adventure that's fairly awesome! P2

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While we were rehearsing, the manager of Maccas heard us and thought to himself, hey those guys sound awesome, i'm going to give them a free big mac!! So in he went and offered them.
Jimmy Page was quick to accept and gobbled it down, so was everybody else, except for me and patrick star. Patrick beacause he's on a strict Krusty burger only diet and me because im a vegetarian. So then the manager said "hey because you guys are so awesome i'm going to make a burger named after you.
We then started shredding and playing the "meat is murder, and while ur at it free tibet" song!!! But because it was so awesome sauce his brain melted out and The spiders from mars ate it!!!
The next day we were playing at a dingy club. I (of course) was playing at the speed of lightning, finger tapping, divebombing, wammying and being altogether high voltage, while the rest of the band was going crazy as well. :down:
So i turned up the volume and played the most eardrum thumping, eyeball popping solo ever heard in the world when............  :eek:
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