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blackangel808 (2)
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh how the times are changing...

Current mood: discontent

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Just want to let everyone know.. That I will try and use this site more often again. One other thing. I have not been focused with music and playing for a while.. I really need some encouragement.. I mean idk what to do anymore..
Sometimes I think that I am not good enough because I mean.. just watch people on youtube.. In a way I guess I have to be patient.

My life made a big turn around after....
Well i dropped out of high school my senior year almost half way through.
had some huge breakdown and decided to move back with my step dad which isn't together with my mom anymore but he was nice enough to give me a place to stay and i returned to the school that i was most familiar with and where i grew up with my friends. That was a good change. Few months later i graduated from both Northwestern high school and Erie County Votech which i attended for 3 years for Computer Information Systems. So glad to get school off my chest. right after graduating in just a couple month period i obtained my drivers license and even a first car! and as soon as that happened i also got got a job at my fiends dads plastic shop he manages. I worked there for about 4 months when I hurt my bak and was set up with a work comp doctor and they don't know whats wrong exactly but anyways. They gave me a drug screening and I lost my job for testing positive for marijuana in my pee.. soo i still don't have a job. my back, I know there's something not right with it but its whatever I guess. so now I might be moving in with my sister in erie, pa. My idea is... she lives close to a music store called the World of Music and maybe just maybe i could get a job there and start getting into my music a lot more again. It used to be my dream to make it big as a guitarist once I really started to advance in it. I suffer with depression from time to time and things like that get in my way from doing things. Whatever happens, I just hope i make it heaven in the end and visit with jesus my savior. so this is where im at now. getting a taste of what its like at my sisters before deciding to move in. Just hope things will get better and if I am really meant to play guitar that it will happen. Meanwhile im havin to much fun playing World of Warcraft cause the new expansion just came out.
gonna wait till after this Christmas season to end to try and get that job thats the only thing i can think of. but i still love to just jam on the electric and practice those fast riffs over and over which by the way i think im getting alot better at my alternate picking and fingering so thats cool. Im not sure why i enjoy playing fast on the guitar i just get a rush or something. Well im glad to get some things out by typing this blog.
I hope Things start getting better for me and for everyone all around the world. All we can do is be thankful we even exist to enjoy the things we do.

Well thanks for reading this


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blackangel808 wrote on Dec 28th, 2010 1:33am

As long as you hold to Jesus things will get better, you just have to be strong and endure. Endurance is one thing a lot of people don't have these days. So its a good quality to practice. I hope you'll start feeling better physically and just pace yourself with things. Oh and if you graduated with a trade in comp. information systems then you should also try getting a tech entry level job. I'll be praying for you dude and as far as I'm concerned you play great. :)


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