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MuseicianX wrote on Sep 27th, 2012 11:37pm

an 18 year old scot, well you've lived half your life now try not to fail sop badly in the other half


shreddinater wrote on Jul 15th, 2012 7:14pm

I saw your YouTube video. You may have less experience but you are on the right track. The secret is to listen to all types of guitar music and try to learn as many different things as you can. You obviously have axe-cess to a computer so if you can try to get hold of some free software and get a little recording set-up going. Basic set-ups cost next to nothing but if you write songs and record them you can listen to them and analyze the tunes and constantly improve them. IMO there is nothing better than driving around listening to your own CD and it really motivates you to become a better muso.Oh and listen to some Thin Lizzy. Brian Robertson is one of Scotlands greatest guitarist. If you have the ability to download good size files you can meet all your recording software needs for free. That how I started. And now I learnt how to use it all it just gets bigger and stronger.


shreddinater wrote on Jul 14th, 2012 7:36pm

Hello fellow Leo, I am Gabriel and I am 42 and live in Brisbane, Australia. I have been playing guitar for 22 years.


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