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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Poetic Fiction

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At the not so recent request of Gonzaw...the following is an unfinished work of poetic fiction. That is, every line break begins a different poem, and every poem completes a chapter of the same story. It's somewhat
fragmented now, but I believe the story can still be followed. Maybe posting it here will inspire me to finish the work. Enjoy!

Chapter I
The rose you've kept for me,
I exchange for draining sand,
That are feelings buried deep,
In the life we could have had.
At times I often wonder,
If you can see through me.
Straight to the lie I cover,
And desires that I keep.

Chapter II

As you're sleeping there beside me,
I feel estranged wrapped in your cold embrace.
Tho you’ve tried to treat me kindly,
Through the years I’ve watched you slowly change.

I don’t need you to console me,

I won’t bother to indulge in such clichés.

I don’t beg your understanding,

I've to leave although you say you feel the same.

As you quiet yourself behind me,
I can still faintly here you drawing breath.
And this dimly lighted hallway,
Is all that's between me and this life's death.
As I maneuver blindly,
To the door and out this place that was our house,
I forget the pain inside me,
Overcome by fear but unable to shout.

Chapter III
And this is how it feels to say goodbye,
To open the door to new life, and to let another die.
And this is when you know forever fades,
When a lifetime worth of promise, amounts to only days.
It's the crash of reality found in broken hearts,
And the end of hopes and dreams as two souls part.

Chapter IV
So now I've become my shadow, my deep desires freed.
But this life too is hollow, living out this fantasy.
Has this now become my future?
How quickly new love fades and turns to grey.
Bliss is turned to torture,
And the cherished past is marred by my mistakes.

Chapter V
Weariness brings me to myself.
Our forever gathers dust on a shelf.
Dreariness reminds me of my past.
The rain and winter’s chill take me back...
To a Time when my life wasn’t better or bad, only different.
Filled with times that we had,
And with moments I shared with the love of my life, that are nothing.
Only flashes of light.
But the life I have now is the forever we had, only different.
I tell myself that.
Cause it scares me to think that all I have now, is my future,
There’s no way out.
And the…
Weariness brings me to my home,
My forever waits there in the cold.
Dreariness reminds me of that.
Rain nor winters chill can take me back.

Chapter VI
I’ve lived this life so guarded.
It’s how this started and how it ends.
My friend, how did you expect this to conclude?
Didn’t I leave one love to live this lie with you?
And now you seem surprised that this one too, is through. 
I guess history repeats itself again.
This millstone of loving and losing, leaving and boozing,
then finding something new is getting old.
But the past that I’ve played near my chest is laid to rest,
and I’m strong enough to finally best my family crest.

Chapter VII
Looking back now I can plainly see,
That all I thought was you was really me.
Lost inside because I saw you change,
But through the years your love remained the same.
Everything was all you gave to me,
And in return I gave dishonesty.
Why is it that we realize too late,
That all we think we need are just mistakes?

Chapter VIII
And the rose you'd kept for me,
I lay now in your hand,
As your body's buried deep,
With the life we'll never have.
At times I often wonder,
If you watch over me.
If you see the lie I cover,
And desires that I keep.
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