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Crazymike100 (1)
Thursday, April 23, 2009

School, Hooray.

Current mood: cynical

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It's grand, Innit.

6th form is quite possibly the dullest period of time that's ever existed, too.

Except perhaps the time when nothing happened, about 30 AD to about 1200 AD. That was dull, too.

My chemistry class is being taught by a complete pillock, and the class itself is full of morons. "What is Electrophilic Addition?" .. We've just been studying it all lesson, and you STILL don't know what it is? ..


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Crazymike100 wrote on Apr 23rd, 2009 2:49pm

Sir, mayhaps your chemistry class is full of huffers and pimps, and that's why they still don't know what electrophillic addition is? I mean, you don't need to know how chemical bonds are achieved when your stabbing people for paint thinner or selling teenage girls, right? So what would be the point of learning how to ionize atoms when you could be learning, say a better way to stab someone, or peddle your girls.
Whereas, chemistry does have a place in the criminal world, and that place is blowing shit up. What kind of pimp would want to blow shit up? All of 'em. What kind of pimp CAN blow shit up? None. Because they didn't finish basic chemistry. Or science.

So keep on at it, dude, and one day you'll be blowing shit up for pimps and crack-heads around the world. :)


demonsheepa wrote on Apr 24th, 2009 1:37pm

Brilliant! I hadn't looked at it that way, Thanks for the insight into the lives of my classmates :D.


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