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Friday, February 29, 2008

Taking guitar class next year

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So we just got our option sheets for next year at my school, and I was crazy happy 'cuz there were just the right number of classes I wanted to take, so I didn't have to bump guitar for something 'important' me and my thinking of that damn 'future' thing all the time (only reason I took French again). 

This is exactly what I need, because I'm self-taught and know about...oh, I'd say somewhere around NO theory.  Just a ballpark.  Also, it gives me a valid excuse to go buy me an acoustic.  I've been doing some research (a.k.a. reading the "best guitars under $300" thread) and I've got a bit of a list down.  The top contenders are the Yamaha fg730s, seagull s6 entourage,  and Takamine gs340s.  or is it g340s?  I can't remember right now, but it's something like that.  Anyway, those are in no particular order and there are also a few other prospects that are interesting, and a couple that aren't really that interesting at all.  They're just there.  The only thing (and this really bugs me) is availability.  I have access to two really tiny music stores, and one relatively big one that has a room the size of one of the small ones full of acoustics, which is really great.  But the big one is way the hell downtown, about an hour away from where I actually live, so I'd have to get my mom to drive me there.  And all this is made more complicated because I'd like to bring along the only friend I have who plays guitar, but he lives in the middle of nowhere.  So on that front, .

But back to the main point of getting credit at school for playing guitar, getting a new guitar (aw shit, I'm gonna need some money first...), and delving into the wonderful world of acoustics: I'm in a very kinda mood.  So here's hoping all goes well with the money hunt and the subsequent acoustic hunt. 

In conclusion:
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saladforkspear wrote on Mar 1st, 2008 2:27am

uhhhhhhhhhh good luck with that


The Silent Fool wrote on Apr 20th, 2008 2:27am

I was self taught for quite a while too and started taking lessons last summer to learn theory, its a very good idea. The one thing you have to keep in mind though is that no matter what theory says, always go by what sounds right, who cares if its not in key so long as it sounds cool eh? As far as guitars go, I can't really help you with acoustics because I'm an electric artist (not that I don't like acoustic, I love Kaki King, I just find that I can portray my creativity better with the use of electric effects) but I will say that some of the cheapest acoustics I have played have felt and sounded the best in my opinion.


SaxMachine124 wrote on Jul 22nd, 2008 9:32am

Cause French matters for the future.


demonmouse500a wrote on Jul 27th, 2008 6:16pm

I live in a completely bilingual city and pretty much have to be able to speak french to work anywhere but McDonald's. And maybe not even there.


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