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Friday, April 15, 2011

Post-rock makes me an arrogant b*stard!

Current mood: thoughtful

I've never done the whole blog thing before, as it has always seemed a little pretentious to me. However, after hearing from about four people who have informed me that people who play post-rock are pretentious, arrogant, misanthropic assholes, I thought, screw it- I'll go and be as much of a conceited douche as I like on UG!

Therefore here is a complation of my favourite post-rock/ambient/experimental artists for you to enjoy. Complete with youtube links - be very f*cking grateful.

The American Dollar - This duo is incredible, art at its finest. If I could only listen to one band ever again, it would be these guys.

God Is An Astronaut - A post-rock band that is really starting to take off, and the guys that intoduced me to the genre - made a trip to Auschwitz really intense

Long Distance Calling - A German band putting the rock in post-rock, exciting stuff! Look out for the quote from 'the day the earth stood still' on track 1 of their new self-titled album ture=related

Maybeshewill - Another pretty famous band, love their '08 and heavier '09 album - new EP looking good! Easier to listen to if your musical attention span sucks, as their music develops quickly

Sumner McKane - This guy was a lucky find - beautiful music and excellent guitar work - I wish people like him were noticed more.

Hammock - Fantastic duo. LISTEN TO THEM!

Alcest - Come from black metal background. Now just pure goodness.

The Echelon Effect - I LOVE AMBIENCE

From Monuments To Masses - I LOVE POST-ROCK! ture=related

Explosions In The Sky - just had to have a place here. Because it's EITS.

Collapse Under The Empire - New work has a slightly more electronic feel about it which I dig - old stuff is exceptional

Circadean Eyes - a new solo project I found on facebook, great work!

Caspian - Moody brilliance

Mogwai - obviously

Arms and Sleepers - the vocals sit really well on the Matador album, quite a feat

Very grateful for any more contributions or your opinion on the music!

DISCLAIMER: I am not an elitist, pretentious dickhead.(usually ;P )

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