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Saturday, February 16, 2008

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NP: Black Sabbath - Lord of This World
So lately, I've been listening to a shitload of stoner rock/metal. I never really understood why they called it that, cause most bands sound like bad Sabbath clones, and only a select few actually sound like they'd go well with a cold beer and a blazing joint.
But I figured that there has to be some reason, so I sat down and listened to a bunch of stoner bands, among them new acquaintances (Down, Spiritual Beggars, Priestess, Spirit Caravan), as well as refreshing my already existing, if somewhat limited, collection of stoner bands (Sabbath, Kyuss, Queens of The Stonage, Weedust).
Boy, was I wrong.
NP: Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf
While I know plenty of bands that would sound much better under the influence, not many give me such a hunger for green as Down. I am so happy I found this band.
So I think a bit, and I decided that I should definitely smoke up with some Down and Kyuss. But I really can't be arsed to get hold of some weed, and in such a small community that I live in (less than 400 people), rumors spread fast, and while I don't mind people saying stuff about me, I do mind the fucking nosey poofters that can be found here who may call the cops on me.
But then I remember: I still got a small hash finger! Sweet! I'll just smoke it in the woods or something on some beautiful day. Should give me a good atmosphere too, since the outdoor area over here is just beautiful.
NP: Black Sabbath - Faeries Wear Boots
Now I just need to find someone to smoke up with, cause it's no fun to get high on your own.
I couldn't think of anybody. One of my smoking friends is practically unapproachable, since he's balancing the army and his girlfriend, I lost contact with another, another friend of mine only smokes with his brother (he's weird), and everybody else is in the army.
I hate this shit.
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