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Monday, August 27, 2007

All the Concerts I've Been To.

well all the concerts that i have been to:
7/13/01: staind, cold
4/10/04: slipknot,fear factory
7/30/06:ozzfest 2006
10/21/06:GWAR, the red chord
12/30/06:Hatebreed,Full Blown Chaos,Sick of it All,Suffacation
5/19/07:Hatebreed;Monsters of Myhem Tour
5/25/07: godsmack,breaking benjamen
?: hatebreed,terror; monsters of mayhem tour 2
?: godsmack
8/11/07: Stone Sour
8/18/07:ozzfest 07

next hopefully id like to go to 40 below summer,unearth,and diecast
ill update this everytime theres a concert ive been to or that i want to go to.
and once i find all the ticket stubs i will put the dates of all the concerts!!
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