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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So it's been a while

A looooong while. Just a couple days short of a year, in fact.

A lot has happened over the last year. I finished my final year of school, including my state exams, the results of which are out on the 15th of next month. They will determine whether I get the college course I want or not, so there's that.

Ponies ponies ponies. Yes, I'm a brony. It's hard to miss. I still have moments when I go "what the actual balls am I doing enjoying anything to do with this?"
I don't really understand it myself. The show itself is great, and I get why I might like that: I've always been a fan of cartoons, even the girlier ones like PPG. But what is with this crazy fandom, and why am I so deeply entrenched in it? It's insane. There are a lot of very amazing bronies out there, and I wouldn't go back on it for a minute, but there's a lot about it that doesn't make a bit of sense.

Oh well. 

In other news, my music has finally started to act like it wants to go somewhere. Not in a successful way, but I'm writing a lot of songs, and I keep having new ideas. So that's good.

I have nothing else to say here, since no one will read it.
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweden, Electricity and Parties

Current mood: thoughtful

It's time for a new blog...

Anyone who knows me here (which is nobody) or who talks to me enough will know that I recently spent some time in Sweden. I was there for a lovely family holiday, with the intention of doing something different to what we normally do, which is beach every year. Due to the fact that most years we get rained on at the beach, we decided to try doing a city break this time, and I always want to go places I haven't been before, so Stockholm was decided on. We managed to rent an apartment from a friend of a friend of a friend of my dad's :p: It was pretty cool, and the room I was in had lions on the wall which I enjoyed looking at :D It even had WiFi, so I was able to stay online while I was there (and watch all of Friendship is Magic too). I found the city really interesting from a cultural point of view: they had a lot of museums and tourist-y things to do. Normally, I don't enjoy doing culture/tourist things anywhere, but for some reason I found myself really enjoying this. Of course, I preferred Grona Lund, the amusement park... The rollercoasters there are definitely the best I've been on, and I've been to Orlando :D
We were there for 10 days, which was a good length of time, as we managed to do most of the things we had expected to, and a few extras as well. However, just a few short days after arriving home, disaster struck...

Power cuts.

Well, ok, not exactly end-of-the-world kind of horror, but it was bad enough. Now, I live in an area that doesn't get too many of these, maybe 5 a year max. However, at time of writing this, we've had 3 in a week. They don't last particularly long, a few hours at most, but they're annoying, and their recent frequency has led me to blame them for the true problem: all the electronic devices in my house which use large transformer plugs have failed. All of them. I can't see it as a coincidence, and besides, I have to have someone to blame for losing my radio alarm clock, iPod dock, computer speakers, and internet. None of them work :( As I'm sure you can tell, I have internet again now, as we got a new modem (with a small plug) two days ago to replace the faulty one, but I get the feeling I'm going to have to replace everything else...

Moving on, as I haven't got much else to say on that topic, there are parties abound, for both people I know and don't. Last night was, I can say, the first time I've thrown up due to alcohol. I'm not gonna lie and say I'm proud of myself, because I'm not. I did and said things I wouldn't have sober, and I felt and still feel pretty damn stupid for it, and I don't think I'll be drinking at the next party. Although of course, when I get to it there may be little else to do, as was the case yesterday. Still, I enjoy meeting and seeing people I know, even if I can't socialise without a beer. I feel pretty desperate about all this
to be honest. However, I'm not gonna leave this on a negative note, as I don't feel negative at the moment, just a little ill, so I'm gonna finish by saying that the people on this site make me feel happy, and I realised over the few days when I had no internet that I miss you when I can't talk to you, maybe more so than the people I know in person. I've only been using the site properly since June, but you guys (well, most of you) are definitely a lot more friendly than I ever would have expected from the internet, so a heartfelt thank you to those people who make me smile when I talk to them :hug:

And thank you if you read this far. I promise I won't do too many of these long, boring, life-detail blogs... So slán libh and keep smiling :)
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Friday, July 08, 2011

HTML Coding

Current mood: accomplished

<style type="text/css"><!-- body{color:#000} --></style>

Looks fun doesn't it?

Well, maybe not, but since I've started learning it (about 2 days ago), I'm enjoying myself - have a look at my profile page for evidence. It is an unapologetically nerdy pastime but I don't really care because it's something to do that doesn't require natural talent or huge amounts of skill: it's mostly loogic and copy'n'paste :D

I seem to have gotten decent at it pretty quickly too: I've even helped a few other people with coding their profile pages, which, although very basic, I am pretty proud of. I intend to learn more types of coding soon as well, like VisualBasic, which I started learning once but had to stop due to lack of time. I now have that time. :)

Anyway, I'm off - back to coding!
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Friday, July 01, 2011

The Humble Ninja

That (if it worked), is a ninja. Take a good look, cos they rarely stay in one place for more than a few milliseconds, and even that is a long time for them.

You see, a ninja is no ordinary being like you or I. It is a secretive, mystic, and ancient power, passed down from ancient Asia, through the generations, until it reached today's world. You cannot 'become' a ninja unless you already are one. I may be rambling and making little sense, but that does not diminish the awesomeness that makes up a

They are most commonly found nowhere, as, if you ask them, they will deny their own existence. However, a few minutes spent on any well-reputed internet forum is sure to bring you into contact with a few of these creatures of stealth and might. Be warned: crossing a ninja would be the second-last thing you ever do, the last thing being dying.

They have shruiken dammit!!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Life is changing. I'm not the first to say that, nor will I be the last. However, for me, it's really started to get noticeable recently-ish. Where I used to be a lonely loser who never went out and spent all his time reading, I'm now a slighty-less-lonely guy who goes out a fair bit and spends a lot of his time on teh interwebz. Who cares? I cares.

One of the biggest things was I had my first "outside my parents control" drink recently enough, at the afterparty for a musical show I was guitarist for. I only had one then, but I kinda liked it, so although previously I had been solidly against drinking, I decided I would try it a little more. I proceeded to get drunk at the next party I was at. The major thing I was afraid of was that I wouldn't be able to control myself, as my family has a history of addiction, but I surprised myself by telling myself to stop for a while, and by the time I allowed myself to have another beer, there wasn't any left. The other thing was people at the party described me as a "good drunk", which, to tell the truth, I was dead proud about.
I'm sure if anyone reads this they probably couldn't give a damn about me and alcohol, but it's important to me, so here it is in a blog.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Starting A Blog - Music I Like, And An Idea For Fu

Hello to anybody who actually reads this, I don't expect anyone to do so.
I've never blogged before now so I'm unsure of a suitable topic, so I'll talk about music I like in this post. :baby:
Most people who know me would probably call me a guy who really loves heavy metal and the likes. THIS ISN'T REALLY TRUE. :no: I do enjoy metal and a lot of the bands I listen to could be classified under this genre. However, I like hard rock, jazz, blues country, bluegrass, rap, punk, pop, soul, world, trance, rock & roll, classical, prog, rock, folk, comedy music, electronica, indie, funk, and most other genres as well! :)
I'm not going to list every artist I like here and now, cos that would involve quite a bit of effort on my part :D So here's what I'm going to do :idea: : over the next while, I'll put up a series of blogs about things like stuff I like to do, books I like, films, whatever, and at the bottom of every post I'll put a little bit about one band that I like, how I came to know them, why I like them and that kind of thing.
That way anyone who actually reads this will get to know a little bit about me:liplick:
So there you have my first post - yay :golfclap: to you if you read it, and I'll start that idea next post
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