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Life For Life (instruments only, vocals in the wor   (04:02)
This is my first metal tune. Enjoy! { Tags : Metal, original }
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Rainy Patches   (02:28)
Just a really mellow acoustic ballad I wrote awhile ago
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Falling Paintings (vocals under contstruction)   (04:04)
This is a recording I worked on over the course of 3 months with my friend Jessica. The lyrics were written by her and myself. I wrote and recorded all the instrument parts myself. Enjoy! Lyrics are attached for your reading pleasure, but the vocal melodies are still eluding me at this point... { Tags : Dash, Rendar, Ibanez, ARC, 300, acoustic, piano }
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Untitled (Feel free to suggest titles!)   (03:48)
Just a cool groovy song I came up with one night while jamming to a drum machine.

I recorded using a Boss BR-600, my Ibanez ARC300 electric guitar in drop-D, and a Dunlop ZW-45 wah. Bass is my guitar using a simulator setting. { Tags : Groovy, drum, machine, Boss, BR600, Dunlop, Ibanez, ARC300, drop }
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Hero of War   (02:55)
This is a slightly altered version of Rise Against's Hero of War. I took out a verse that I didn't agree with. Instruments were two acoustic guitars (one with a capo at the fifth fret, one with no capo) and I did both harmony tracks
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