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LPB+H&K Demo/Wankage   (00:59)
Just a short clip showing what my LPB and H&K sound like together.
H&K is set at full drive, linear voicing/gain, and LPB is set up to give a light but noticeable boost.
i'm running my strat into my CBB at about 4 on the volume.
This is also the first clip of me using a proper mic.
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12 Bar w/ band   (04:21)
A basic 12 bar blues jam with a couple of friends of mine.
There is 3 guitarists in total in this song
Mitchell14 put in a few licks near the middle of the song. He had a blackheart little giant, so he was slightly overpowered, but you can hear him play at times.
My friend Ethan was on the other guitar and Andrew was the drummer. You should be able to tell if it's me playing in certain parts.
BTW, all us guitarists were running on like 3 hours of sleep. Just thought you should know :p:

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A different 12 bar blues jam   (04:47)
A similar 12 bar jam to the one before.
I accidentially clipped off the ending though :p:
Sorry bout that.

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Noodling on GA-5   (01:10)
Just some random noodling on my new 1957 Gibson GA-5. Sorry for the crummy playing, I've been in a playing slump recently.
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Random Toanz Demo   (05:58)
Just random noodling. The first series of toanz are me plugging straight into my CBB on 1/4 volume, then at 1/2, then at 3/4, then full dimed.
After that, I switch back to a cleaner tone with my volume at 1/3, then I turn on my H&K.
During the Crossroads riffage, I used my LPB and H&K together, then in the Sharp Dressed Man riffage, I switched on my H&K's factor 2 (without the LPB). Don't take the SDM and Crossroads riffage as an attempt at a cover :P
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Slow Blues w/ Backing Track   (03:38)
Just a quick blues jam with my GA5 and a backing track. I even did a little bit of crappy slide work!
Sorry for the ending. It's a bit cut off. { Tags : the, sexiest }
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Even More Random Noodling   (03:27)
Change your battery or change to adapter power immediately.
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