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cowgirlshorty (2)
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Blogggg.

Current mood: blah

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:Dohhhh the great updates on my life...
          what a
well ... to start.. that boyfriend i had for a whole whopping 2 months ... that i never mentioned was ... *cough*26*cough* well... he ended up being like horribley in love with me .. if horrible doesn't already contridict love... but yea. i broke up with him.. he was to serious and i hate the whole being tied down. seems like i am the guy in the relationship. i'm the one who doesn't want to get serious cause i like screwing around with other people... its terrible i know. so anyways i told him it was over and he went all suicidal and got sent away. then he called me when he got out and tried the whole guilt trip on me. he's been doing this for about a month now... but yea. he moved away from here.. why idk? i think he is kind of scared of my parents and friends. although if it was me i would be more afraid of my friends then my parents considering stef is crazy. lol. but yea... ummm...idk if i mentioned it before but i quit my job and oakdale and now im working at pizza king. its pretty fun. i guess. its money tho so i guess thats cool. OHHH! the ginger update she is still getting fatter! yay! but yea kady (the girl i give lessons to) is doing amazing on her. they have been practicing on 3' courses! its pretty exciting! well i think i've written enough. so yea... leave me some comments and pic comments. and what not.
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cowgirlshorty wrote on Oct 30th, 2008 1:05am

i'm not crazy *twitches*
i'm not i'm not i'm not
i looooove you wiggle buddy!!


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