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damilliona wrote on Nov 4th, 2013 8:50am

To clarify my ratings in reviews and the like: I believe ratings have suffered greatly from inflation. These are what I mean by my own ratings:

1 - One of the worst albums I've ever heard. A 1 is almost as hard to achieve as a 10.
2 - Extremely bad. I hope nothing like this gets produced ever again.
3 - Simply bad. There's very little that's good about this.
4 - Half-decent. I could live with listening to this, but I don't enjoy it.
5 - Decent, forgettable.
6 - All right, noteworthy. Could be worth checking out.
7 - Good. A strong release by a good band. Time well spent.
8 - Very good, possibly one of the best albums of the year.
9 - A new favourite. I will return to this album for many months or years to come.
10 - A genre defining, timeless masterpiece where everything feels just right.

To make it even more clear I'd just like to say that I can count my perfect tens and perfect ones on one hand.


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