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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a bit about me

Current mood: accomplished

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Im a 24 year old bassist from hole in the wall, tn.  i hate it here. no really good  bands to speak of except for the one i play in.  im currently playing a schecter stiletto 5 string and dean metalman V with dreams of owning twin yamaha Six string basses.  i gotta little GK amp, its just a starter for me. i know i'll get an SWR soon enough.  I've been on a musician for over 7 years and have always strived to be the best i could be.  on bass i try to practice and learn on a scholar's level. i see a technique i dont know. i sit and practice it until i have it down.  im currently working on the style of John Myung from Dream Theater.
other than that im a pretty normal and mellow guy.  16 tattoos and 2 piercings in my left ear.  i love horror movies and books by steven king. i work in a sawmill. it pays pretty good and i keeps me striving for my goal of getting signed. or atleast  playing fulltime on tour.
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anarkee wrote on Feb 19th, 2008 3:58am

So what are you tats? I have one myself and probably going for my second one soon.

Welcome again to the bass forums!


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