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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Doin' this instagram thing....whaaaat?

Current mood: happy

Hi there!!
Now that my daughter is in 1st grade and in school all day what can I do to pass the time??  Goof off on instagram and over at Live Love Guitar!  Not everything will be guitar related (as I obsess about a lot of so check it out :) 

I'll still post my chords and tabs here (there as well) but long gone will be the screen name cristy♥twilight!  I'm LLG♥ over there :)  

So follow me on instagram :) Leave a note on one of my posts that you're from UG so I'll know who you are :) I've made lots of guitar friends over here:)

Have fun!!!
LLG♥ (aka cristy♥twilight)   :wavey: 

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

What's the strumming pattern???

Hi there!! Guess what?! This isn't a rant! Lol ;)  

The most common question posted on my chords is "Whats the strumming pattern?"  

When I started to teach myself guitar, strumming wasn't a concern; getting the chord shapes down was!  So, it wasn't until I really started to be able to smoothly transition from chord to chord (able to "sort of" play a song) that I found myself completely lost with the strumming.  I would comment on chords "Please tell me the strumming pattern..."  and guess what?  Not ONE response.:sad:

After playing for months, the strumming thing just hit me.:idea: I finally got it. I kinda get why no one ever responded to me on strumming patterns. It's a rhythm; a beat.  And it's kinda hard to put that down on paper, exactly what you're doing.  No amount of, "Do this- ddudu... " is really gonna help until it just clicks.  

When I first started posting chords, I always answered every question about strumming.   I responded with detailed patterns to help and maybe they did help some, but for the most part with the pm's I received, they were still confused with strumming.  It just hadn't 'clicked' with them yet.

Now, with over 120 tabs/chords, I just can't keep up:wtf:with all the questions and comments I receive on a daily basis.  The feed only shows the last 10 raters/comments so unless I'm on here and checking 24/7, I'm missing some.  I love when other UG members try to help out with posting their strumming patterns, hints and advice. Thank you!!:D

One of my favorite comments about strumming was from UG user yellowpeepz:golfclap:She/He wrote -

"its much better if u find the pattern yourself. use the chords and start out with strumming once at each chord change. when u have that down nearly by heart, then do fill in the space with simple 4 count strums- or in some cases 2 counts when the changes are faster. you'll pick up the full strumming along the way, just take your time"  

I loved :heart: it so much that I said I was gonna add it to of all my chords and yellowpeepz said "Do it!" Lol :haha: I think I'm gonna!!  Just practice, practice, practice and one day you'll be strumming up a storm!!

Blog ya later guitar friends,:wavey:
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Great chords! BUT....the capo is wrong..."

Okay.  So this is a common comment/complaint that shows up on my chords or in my inbox.  So, I wanted to clarify some things, here goes....

1-  My guitar is ALWAYS in standard tuning.  I don't change it.  Ever.  (I do double check tuning before tabbing anything.)

2- I ALWAYS tab right along to the studio track (CD/itunes).  Not in my head,  by my own singing, or someone's cover on youtube.  **If I do tab a live version from a video on youtube, I always post a link to it.  Live versions sometimes differ from studio versions**

3- I haven't yet, got the capo wrong.   (Wrong chords or missed chords?  Yes, that happens... unfortunately.) 
4-  "But, Taylor Swift doesn't play it like this!"  Well, here's an example- My tab is capo on 2, but Taylor plays it with no capo.  She is playing different chords than my capo 2 chords.  That's the beauty of transposing (getting rid of hard to play chords! lol!)  So, my capo 2 version can still play right along with her no capo version.  Make sense?

*NOTE- On the other hand, if you think it sounds better to transpose the chords and place the capo accordingly, then go for it!  I prefer using a capo and transpose a lot of my 'no capo' tabs all the time! :)

5-  So, if you think the capo is on the wrong fret... Your guitar is not:no: in standard tuning!!!!  *I say this with love:heart: lol!!*   

(And one more thing that bugs me is when a tab says "Capo on 1 or 2" What????? lol!)

Alright, I'm now done with my rant;)

Cheerio my guitar friends!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let me introduce you to...

Lee MacDougall! 

Lee is a gifted singer/songwriter from the UK and he is A-MAZ-ING!  His voice is incredible and no matter what video you watch, from his numerous gigs, he never sounds bad.  Ever.  I'm serious.  He's got skills.  He's a great guitarist also!
He recently toured the US and Canada.  Sadly, I wasn't lucky enough to see him :(  But hopefully he'll be back to the US and closer than 7 hours from me ;)  
So, go check him out on youtube and check out itunes to buy some of his music :)  He deserves so much for the talent he shares with us and if I can get him a few more followers then that would be terrific!

He does some excellent covers like "Creep" from Radiohead and Rod Stewart's "I Don't Want To Talk About It", but it's his songwriting that is just awesome!  Check him out:)

Lee's youtube channel:

Lee's myspace has his bio:

One of my very favorites: (If anything, just listen to this)

Oh and this one too!

I have tried my attempt at tabbing (chords) some of his songs; They sound pretty good-check them out if you end up liking his music:)


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The thing about ratings....

I always try to thank who ever rates my chords and I think it's funny that I thank you and you could have given me a 1 star,  and you're laughing "You wouldn't be thanking me if you knew what I gave you!"

Here's the thing about ratings:  I can't tell what rating you've given unless your the first to rate.  If I have a 5 star rating that immediately drops to a 3 star, then I pretty much know you've given me a 1 star (poor) rating.  

So I click on your profile and see that you also have the same song tabbed that I do, and you're rating mine bad just to make yours look better 
*:grrr:Grrrr:angry:* -so if you're rating 1 star just to drop my 5 star status then shame on you! :no:  That's just mean, mean, mean!!  Karma, karma, karma.....And seriously....GROW UP!!  
(Yes this has happened!)  Okay, I'm done with my rant :wtf:
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