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Thursday, January 15, 2009

my dad

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my dad is the coolest dad out of all your dads.
this isn't about what my dad does now its whats hes accomplished.
my dad was  a drummer for fleet foot.(not a popular band but they made something of them selves.)
before that my dad was opening for all kinds of bands
journey,kiss,gun's n' roses,zepplin,to name a few hes played at ozzfest 3 times. hes opend for what i think is the coolest thing ever.
it not cause they are the best its the honor.
my dad had a leeter sent to him that he was requested toattend the battle ultimate band of the year.alice coopers guitarists.switch cfoots bassits,and matt sourum. he opend for them well thats my dad.
my dad did ALL this before he was 18.
cool or what?

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