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Friday, August 28, 2009

could somone please help me

Current mood: cold

okay carmel banned me 4 being twelve (forrgiven) but i turned 13 on july 21 so could some one ask camel to unbann me that would b nice:D
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

my dad

Current mood: happy

my dad is the coolest dad out of all your dads.
this isn't about what my dad does now its whats hes accomplished.
my dad was  a drummer for fleet foot.(not a popular band but they made something of them selves.)
before that my dad was opening for all kinds of bands
journey,kiss,gun's n' roses,zepplin,to name a few hes played at ozzfest 3 times. hes opend for what i think is the coolest thing ever.
it not cause they are the best its the honor.
my dad had a leeter sent to him that he was requested toattend the battle ultimate band of the year.alice coopers guitarists.switch cfoots bassits,and matt sourum. he opend for them well thats my dad.
my dad did ALL this before he was 18.
cool or what?

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

after that...

Current mood: accomplished

biden was sitting in his office all alon wen he hered a small sound he turned and saw 5 bees with hats and pootauns.biden was alergic to pautouans come to thinl of it...oh nvm... anyways he talked to the ants and asked them nicley to leave but the first ant persuded him into buying real estate(how in the hell can a ant sell real estate idk)
then after biden bought half of texas ant number 2 steped up. he had a pack of cards and wanted to play poker well biden was a gambler he agreed and well if the cards were for ants dont you think they would be pretty small. well they were biden lost the keys to the tresurey then ant number 3 stepped up.
they exchanged hello's and the ant asked biden to have a race. well again everything for ants is small. so they went across the room the track was so small biden couldn't see it. biden gave the ant the keys to his b.m.w(i guess he thought it was for pinks or something) biden stormed back to his desk.
when the fourth one came up  he to biden hed been tricked so many times he needed some glasses biden said it was a wonderful idea so he bought the glasses for 60,000$
 the 5 and final ant came up and said those glasses are awful dirty ill tell u what. ill give some cleaner for 5$ biden gladdly accepted the offer and he sprayed his glasses and the broke. the ants ran away.
biden had and exterminetr come in and kill every bug in there. the ants were never seen again.( they went to vegas ):wtf: 
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the office

Current mood: lazy

     a sticky note that smelled like apple pie(not the kind from walmart though the kind your mom makes) ran off to save hi staple freinds but it was a hard journey.
   you see office papers dosen't like him thhat well and the water cooler foget it. if he let the wc see him water would go every were.
   disepite the odds and the GREAT dangers he pressesd on but as soon as soon as he did he forgot to make a paperr airplane he was flying around every where when he got to the ground he put on his combat boots(why the heck would a sticky note were  boots?)(who in the world  rights this stuff?) and runs off to the next room he went to look for STAPLES but he was gone......
"no! he cant be! noooooo!" staples had been stapled......
but then he hered some thing. it was staples sticky turned around and saw a fat dude with the stapler and then pop he had just stapled staples
btw im not gonna post one next week its been three i post it some other day

copy right of me.
produced by me
in partners with me
this has been a crissis39 production.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

the ultimate band?

Current mood: bored

deen castronovo:drums
gene simmons:bass
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Monday, December 29, 2008

what if...

Current mood: creative

what if chickens were attacking a candle in the middle of january 2 years from now while half starved with 6 idanidual wings and 1 leg, and yet should not be able to fly takes the  candle and flies over 3 oceans and drops the candle on a chinese man who sells it to a person who gives it to obama who eats not knowing it was a candle.he pukes it up later the janitor cleans it up only to find the hope diamond.
he turns it in to the museum of natural history.but he got sued cause he alegely stole it and  went to court over the next year when the janitor calss obama as a witnes and while obama is awearing on the bible he gets shot in the arm and it falss off.
then  the fone rings its from the museum the hope diamond has HATCHED into a chicken with 1 leg and 6 wings.  but there is a mutation to were it was a fire breather and burnt the musem to the ground.
obama sues the chicken which cookes him medium well and eats him.
biden kills the chicken with his berreta SHOTGUN and sits in the oval office smilling:D the end:wtf:
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