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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stupid Survey.

Current mood: Still Hostile.

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My name Is:  Ashley Elizabeth Cadle

This Morning I Was: Laughing; yelling at Mikeal; Arguing with Ben 


I'm Afraid Of:  Being alone.


I Dream About:  I don't dream.


Have You Ever...


Pictured Your Crush Naked?:  I plead the 5th.


Been In Love:  So I thought...


Cried When Someone Died:  Yes.


When They Lied?:  Depends on what it was about.


Flowers or Candy:  Neither. But I pick anything, it's usually flowers.


Scruff or Clean Shaven:  Doesn't matter. lol


Tall or Short:  Taller than me.


With The Opposite Sex...


What Do You Notice First?:  Eyes.


Last Person You Slow Danced With: John.


Worst Question To Ask: The only one that you don't ask. Ha!




Makes You Laugh The Most?:  Jason.


Makes You Smile:  Chase. *stares angrily at penguin sitting on dryer* YOU!!!


Gives You A Funny Feeling When You See Them:  Hmm...there's a few. I'd rather keep that to myself thank you.


Is It Easier To Talk To Boys or Girls?:  Depends on who.


Do You Ever...


Sit On The Internet Waiting For Someone Special to IM You?:  Yeah.


Save AIM conversations?: Not unless they're important.


Wish You Were a Member of the Opposite Sex?:  Hell no. Boys are retarded. *hehe, sorry dudes, don't mean to diss.


Cry Because of Something Someone Has Said:  Depends on what was said. Usually I disregard anyone elses opinion because it doesn't matter.


Pray?:  I did but don't now because nothing happens.


Have You Ever...

Fallen For Your Best Friend?:  Yeah. Big mistake.


Rejected Someone:  Yeah.


Cheated On Someone:  We're all guilty for it.


Been Cheated On:  Refers to question above: yes, and it was because of him that I cheated to start with. Eye for an eye, heart for a heart.


Done Something You Regret:  Everyday. I wake up.


Wanted To Die: It comes and goes.


Who Was The Last Person...


You Talked To On The Phone: Mom


Hugged:  Kyle.


You Instant Messaged:  Journey.


You Laughed With:  Jadea.


Do You...

Color Your Hair: Yes.


Ever Get Off The Computer: I do have a life you know.


Habla Espanol: No.


Sprechen sie deutsches: No.


Fight With Your Parents: Here and there, yeah.


Have Friends You've Lost Touch With: It's become frequent.


Feel Happy?:  Not right now, no.


Wish You Could Fly Away.. Far, Far Away?:  Yes.


Believe In God?: No. More.


Could You Live Without The Computer?:  I can, but I choose not to. It's sometimes the only connection I have to old friends.


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Crazymike100 wrote on Jan 28th, 2010 3:21pm

Such vague answers... Also, Ted the Penguin said he wants to chase Chase.


crazyfoxa wrote on Jan 28th, 2010 3:58pm

Lol he got Chase. He was stoned and seeing penguins. Rofl XD ._.


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