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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fucking Hostile

Current mood: pissed off

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Humans make me MAD. Ok. Enough said. People and their stupid drama!!!!! I hate it all so much I can't stand it, even in myself sometimes! Goddamn. And then friends that disappear. Friend's that look at you stupidly when you wait patiently to talk to them alone. People that stab you in the back. I cannot stand any of them today. I woke up, after literally 30 minutes of sleep and freaked out the whole time. Could not think, breathe, even play my guitar. I couldn't do it. Everyone I called was either not home or tied up with something else. I wailed on a few people this morning. They deserved it because I was not in the mood to take any crap. Jadea has my crutch and the back of my knee popped like a MF and it hurts. Sure, yeah, I came into school with a pretty good attitude and mood and then these stuid nimrods come in to fuck it all up, and yet they all still wonder what the fuck is wrong with me!!!!
Convicted with no excuse!
You just pull the trigger cause I've got nothin' to lose!
You know- Disputed it, Disputed it!
I will not be locked down!
Split lipped with nothin' to lose,
You know, I never really changed my point of view!
You know- Dispute it!
The victim is you!

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SmellKellHell wrote on Jan 28th, 2010 4:44pm

Agreed, People = Shit.

Sounds like your still in school. Give it a few years after grad. Most will piss off eventually.
But by then you'll realize you wish you were back in the safety of school. The walls kept you separated from the millions/billions of other morons.

It doesn't get easier, but with luck... you will hopefully be able to brush off other's shit, while still be able to pound out your own.


crazyfoxa wrote on Jan 31st, 2010 11:59pm



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