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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If anyone has followed me for the past few years, you've probably noticed that I have abandoned my Ultimate-Guitar account. I'm sorry but with school becoming a part of my schedule and trying to find a new job, it's been very hard to stay online. If you all should need me, listed below are a couple of ways to find me. I love you all dearly and hope you are well.

Much love, lots of peace, and only the heaviest of metal. \m/
-Ashley (Drez)

Facebook: Ashley Cadle
Cell: 1(540)-267-5647
Yahoo: beastwithin46
AIM: ladydrez

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Insomniac Memory

Current mood: Blank

I'm wearing your shirt.
You still have mine.
Your guitar was in my closet.
You have my song.
Our CD is on our friend's iPods.
Our performance STILLcomes up in conversation.
Times have changed.
We have gotten older.
Much older.
In a years time, look at us.

We pass each other in a hallway...
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Monday, March 08, 2010

No Title.

Current mood: Blank :/

Ol enric en murifri.

Ok, so in my time away I've learned a few things:

1. The only pain you ever feel is the kind of pain that isn't real.
2. School hallways don't makie for good moshing areas.
3. Time passes slower when you hate everyone in the room you're in.

4. Love can show in the strangest of ways.
5. Morphine before 1st block is a bad idea.
6. People who nickname themselves "Dragon" are sexual predators.

Lol just thought I'd share that.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stupid Survey.

Current mood: Still Hostile.

My name Is: Ashley Elizabeth Cadle

This MorningI Was:Laughing; yelling at Mikeal; Arguing with Ben

I'm Afraid Of: Being alone.

IDream About: I don't dream.

Have You Ever...

Pictured Your Crush Naked?: I plead the 5th.

Been In Love: So I thought...

Cried When Someone Died: Yes.

When They Lied?: Depends on what it was about.

Flowers or Candy: Neither. But I pick anything, it's usually flowers.

Scruff or Clean Shaven: Doesn't matter. lol

Tall or Short: Taller than me.

With The Opposite Sex...

What Do You Notice First?: Eyes.

Last Person You Slow Danced With: John.

Worst Question To Ask: The only one that you don't ask. Ha!


Makes You Laugh The Most?: Jason.

Makes You Smile: Chase. *stares angrily at penguin sitting on dryer* YOU!!!

Gives YouA Funny Feeling When You See Them: Hmm...there's a few. I'd rather keep that to myself thank you.

Is ItEasier ToTalkTo Boys or Girls?: Depends on who.

Do You Ever...

Sit On The Internet Waiting For Someone Special to IM You?: Yeah.

Save AIM conversations?:Not unless they're important.

Wish You Were a Member of the Opposite Sex?: Hell no. Boys are retarded. *hehe, sorry dudes, don't mean to diss.

Cry Because of Something Someone Has Said: Depends on what was said. Usually I disregard anyone elses opinion because it doesn't matter.

Pray?: I did but don't now because nothing happens.

Have You Ever...

Fallen For Your Best Friend?: Yeah. Big mistake.

Rejected Someone: Yeah.

Cheated On Someone: We're all guilty for it.

Been Cheated On: Refers to question above: yes, and it was because of him that I cheated to start with. Eye for an eye, heart for a heart.

Done Something You Regret: Everyday. I wake up.

Wanted To Die: It comes and goes.

Who Was The Last Person...

You Talked To On The Phone: Mom

Hugged: Kyle.

You Instant Messaged: Journey.

You Laughed With: Jadea.

Do You...

Color Your Hair: Yes.

Ever Get Off The Computer: I do have a life you know.

Habla Espanol: No.

Sprechen sie deutsches:No.

Fight With Your Parents: Here and there, yeah.

Have Friends You've Lost Touch With: It's become frequent.

Feel Happy?: Not right now, no.

Wish You Could Fly Away.. Far, Far Away?: Yes.

Believe In God?: No. More.

Could You Live Without The Computer?: I can, but I choose not to. It's sometimes the only connection I have to old friends.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fucking Hostile

Current mood: pissed off

Humans make me MAD. Ok. Enough said. People and their stupid drama!!!!! I hate it all so much I can't stand it, even in myself sometimes! Goddamn. And then friends that disappear. Friend's that look at you stupidly when you wait patiently to talk to them alone. People that stab you in the back. I cannot stand any of them today. I woke up, after literally 30 minutes of sleep and freaked out the whole time. Could not think, breathe, even play my guitar. I couldn't do it. Everyone I called was either not home or tied up with something else. I wailed on a few people this morning. They deserved it because I was not in the mood to take any crap. Jadea has my crutch and the back of my knee popped like a MF and it hurts. Sure, yeah, I came into school with a pretty good attitude and mood and then these stuid nimrods come in to fuck it all up, and yet they all still wonder what the fuck is wrong with me!!!!

Convicted with no excuse!
You just pull the trigger cause I've got nothin' to lose!
You know- Disputed it, Disputed it!
I will not be locked down!
Split lipped with nothin' to lose,
You know, I never really changed my point of view!
You know- Dispute it!
The victim is you!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Knee Surgery Lol

Current mood: Good

Alright. So sorry for the sudden disappearence. I had to have the ACL reconstructed in my knee because I got the crap kicked out of me. :haha:It hurt but atleast I'm half assed able to walk again. For two weeks I was tossed between my Mom's and my bro's for recovery and it's going well. I have to wear an extension 0 degree brace for another two weeks, and speaking of, I actually get my stitches taken out today :haha:
So two more weeks of the brace, and a little more physical therapy and I'll be good as new in a few months.

Just so ya know. Lol *hugs everyone* missed you guys. ALOT.

Ben is back,out of nowhere. And some weird crap to tack onto that, Jared has returned to his old school. I'm a bit aggravated. In other news, taken on a new religion and have abandoned the band with Ben for good. Still lusting over a certain someone (when I should get over him and move on because it won't happen lol) and have been hanging with my chicas more often and goofing off at the pool hall. Because of the crutches and the use of a cane I have been labeled 'Big Granny, Granny Drez, Crips, Crippy and Hobbs'. Lol I think it's funny. Seriously :haha:

So, for the moment, things are good. Hope you all are doing just as well :)
Much love,
4:19 pm - 2 comments - 2 Kudos
Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Miss You

Current mood: Quiet

I don't know who this is for. Honestly. It seemed like if I didn't say this, it would bug me for the rest of the day.

I miss you. Can't explain why. You were my heart, my soul, my eyes when I couldn't see, my breath when I couldn't breathe. You were my everything.

I'm getting better. I've gone back to old ways, because I wanted the old me back. I tore down the walls that trapped me inside. For the longest time, I was not myself. You showed me again who I really am.

Somedays' I'm cold, because I'm afraid of everything. Someway or another, you take it away and leave me warm. Though it's only temporary, it helps.

There has been no person yet that has made me feel like I need to say that.
But I feel like someone has. It's not a best friend feeling, it's like a dude and girl relation thing. It's like being followed around by angels, but I don't believe in angels. I did at one point, butI changedthat.

Could this be a future thing? *shrug* I'm no fortune teller. Kind of weirdedme out though:haha:
4:58 pm - 1 comments - 2 Kudos
Tuesday, January 05, 2010

To The Boys In My Life of 08' and 09'

Current mood: I dunno.

AllI know is whatI write.

I love the way that in my mind I hate you. For no reason. Fueled by 'I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace. It's aggravating.

All of you listed below. Actually being sexist for 5 mins.

Jared - For loving, hating, understand, needing,protectingand adoring me. (It's not that I didn't want that, it was's complicated.)
Joel(Byrnes)- For understanding me, but making me go insane wondering if you avoid me or are aggravated with me when you're not, or if you are and I don't know. It kills me.
Ben - For trying to help me change when I knew inside I couldn't and for always being there and holding my hand for everything. All our fights that almost ruined us and now you're gone. I took you for granted.
Brad* - For telling me you loved me, and always would and then leaving me in the coldest way possible.
John - For not understanding.
Frankie* - For saying the four evils and then turning your back on me completely and never telling me you were sorry.
Andy* - All the years wasted.
Travis* - For underestimating me.
Dustin* - For playing me. Kissed me once and I got arrested for you.
Mike*- For some reasons. Distance hurts, and trust was my problem. I freaked out because I wasn't sure.
I am by no means a whore. These were friends too. The starred ones I dated and they all equally hurt me. And they wonder why I'm such a hard ass now! I just wanted to vent this. They read it, 'now you get it. About damntime.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Promise Is A Promise

Current mood: Determined

You told me...

'Just so long as you stay here, I'll always be your hero.'

Now it's my turn. I'll go to any length now to find you, because this is what friends do. I'll search through hell and high water because I told you so. Joe and Debbie are going to pay dearly whenI my hands on them :grrr:. I swear on my life.

A promise is a promise, and this is one I plan to keep.
4:02 pm - 7 comments - 0 Kudos
Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Current mood: okay


Rest Easy Dime. We Love You.

Dimebag - Cross Canadian Ragweed

Dimebag Darrell god bless that man ripped from us by the devil's hand
the only thing in his plan
was love and rock 'n roll
cowboy from hell on a twisted trail
swept away where the wild winds wail
sad truth is you can never tell
when it's your time to go

Bad news travels faster
than any good news that you hear
just one more dark disater
makes you wonder why we're here

Where were you in '94
when they found him
down there on the floor
guess Kurt could take no more,
needle and a gun
where did you sleep last night
with the angels locked up tight
Love was his only lie,
did she have another one?

Bad news travels faster
than any good news that you hear
just one more dark disater
makes you wonder why we're here (3x)

3:39 pm - 7 comments - 6 Kudos
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