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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your Prison

Current mood: artistic

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Your prison: by Clara Hällgren

I took a walk to a place without time and space
 just to see your face.
the only thing i could say,
 was to walk away
 and leave you to your pray.
but your prayers aint real
 and your heart`s made of steel.

Thats why i cant get lose,
 thats why im stuck in this shit.
Just set me free, im baging you please.
 IM a free soul that needs your relise.

i May have said that i love you but its over now.
 I am stuck in your heart and i need u to know
that one day you must let me go.

Another song..sry 4 the bad spelling but i wrote this one on my way out so its not done or anything like that..

tell me what you think?
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