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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Pokemon Storyline I wrote out for fun

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Pokemon ROM hacking is under progress.. barely. I will write out a storyline due to insane boredom and lack of tired-ness. Note that this isn't really serious, more amusement than anything.

You start off like any other Pokemon game. Hi! What's your name? Faggot? Cool. Are you a boy or a girl? Ah yes, I have a grandson. I do not know his name. Ah, that's right, his name is Douche!

Well I better get going... >_> <_<

You later discover the professor in his laboratory hiding something.
"What are you doing Professor?"
"Uh... nothing! It's nothing, I swear!"
You discover a stash of strange looking tubes that read Icyhot 9000.
"NO! You mustn't tell anyone! Spare me my life!"
Despite not knowing what the hell this thing is, the professor gives you a Pokemon so that you keep his promise. He has three, but you can only choose one (how greedy of him).

You then venture out into the wild to discover more about this so-called Icyhot 9000. You then discover your rival who also has a Pokemon given to him by his grandfather, but only because he is a skilled thief. >_>
After you whoop his ass, you continue your journey.

Upon defeating the third gym leader, you meet Fassa. She is a no-hope trainer who hopes to be a gym leader and a powerful trainer one day. She is a recurring NPC and will follow you at various times to challenge you and hope to become better than you. However this feat will probably not happen.

Upon defeating the fourth gym leader, you discover that he/she has an entire set of Icyhot 9000 in their back room of the gym. You ask about that room. Instantly, you are taken hostage into Team Rocket's territory.

Team Rocket has a new leader, Carmel. Carmel is Giovanni's daughter and has red hair and eyes >_> She asks you about how she knows about Icyhot 9000. You have no choice but to tell her about the Professor because you're an evil bastard who would betray him... no not really it's because they threatened you,

Carmel decides to reveal Team Rocket's plan (because she's gonna kill you anyway) to apply Icyhot 9000 onto various Pokemon around the world to become powerful battling machines that destroy things. This is because Team Rocket likes destroying things and by destroying things they can steal Ash's Pikachu (logical, right?)

However, before she can kill you, a giant earthquake occurs and you manage to escape. Turns out that the earthquake was caused by Brock's Onix who happened to be training nearby >_>

Along your journey, you also stumble upon Ash, who is widely regarded as the greatest trainer on earth. However it turns out that he was so powerful because he was working for Team Rocket all along and was only so strong because he too had applied Icyhot 9000 onto his Pokemon. When you do defeat him, he becomes ashamed of himself and decides to turn back to being good and stuff. He also gives you a key, and you are now able to enter the Pokemon league.

After deafeating Ash, various gym leaders and Team Rocket bases, you face the Elite Four. However, the original Elite Four members (Loreli, Bruno, Agatha and Lance) have been killed by Team Rocket as they had gotten in their way and had all lost to Carmel in a children's Pokemon game. As a result, the new Elite Four are all elite members of Team Rocket who have all applied Icyhot 9000 to their Pokemon. They are very strong and very difficult to defeat. (they will probably be named after mods or something)

Once you do manage to defeat the Elite Four, you are now the reigning champion and you now have access to Team Rocket's main HQ. There you fight Carmel and defeat her. However, she claims that her plan is not over yet and she has an even more powerful substance, Icyhot 9001! That shit is over 9000.

Once you defeat Carmel for the first time, the Elite Four then becomes even stronger than before because they have now been applied Icyhot 9001with instead of its predecessor, Icyhot 9000. They are even more difficult to defeat, but it is possible to defeat them if you catch the legendaries.

After you defeat Carmel again, she leaves for good and decides to waste her time elsewhere.

You then find Ash again and battle as real trainers. Once you beat him, the game ends and you are now free to do whatever you want.

The end.

That was an excellent time waster.
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